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Drone filming service for live streaming on the internet

Are you organising an exceptional operation or an important event in the life of your community or company?

Think about Live by drone!

live drone broadcasting value

Why should you think about Live streaming of drone and ground images?

Because it is a plus that will make you stand out and will strongly mobilise your collaborators and partners who will be able to follow the event from home, on the move, in France or at the other end of the world, on a smartphone, a laptop, or on a connected television, at home or at the office.

In the end, you will increase the coverage of your event by reaching a more targeted and/or wider audience, while attracting (possibly) the curiosity of the media, respecting the health conventions linked to the Covid-19 crisis, reducing the carbon impact of the event by limiting non-essential travel to participate, all while giving a modern and trendy image.

Why hesitate?

Aerial image extracted from the live drone shot in Aix-en-Provence station during a special operation for the SNCF and NGE

whose live drone views were retransmitted on the web pages of our clients’ websites

An innovation

An exclusive service!

Drone-Pictures innovates again by offering, for a very reasonable budget, the streaming of aerial (and ground) videos, everywhere on your social networks and especially on the web pages of your websites.

Thanks to our privileged access to the streaming platform developed by the HOsiHO Drone Network, of which we are the representative for the South of France, we can easily send the stream of images we produce for you, on your Facebook page, or on the websites you designate, guaranteeing you a stable and uninterrupted signal during the entire broadcast.

To do this, we provide you with a simple iframe code to be integrated into the web page(s) that will display the video of your live broadcast (see for example our Live page that includes the live broadcast).

how it works

Streaming Live drone's images on the Internet: how does it work?

Basically all you need is a drone, a 4G+ smartphone, a Facebook page, and a lot of luck!

Luck that the connection to the 4G network is reliable, stable and fast on the day and from the location of the event. Because even in the centre of a big city the 4G bandwidth might not be excellent during the whole broadcast.

For this reason, we set up an unit specially dedicated to the live event, equipped with two 4G modems with different telephone operators, a subscription for the “bonding” of the best of the 2 signals, this in order to reduce as much as possible latencies, interruptions, or notable drops in speed with one or other of the operators.

Our mini video unit allows you to mix 4 cameras and two sound inputs (HF microphone) before sending it to the internet via the LiveU mobile unit

But that’s not all, thanks to our 4-channel mini-grid, we can mix sound and other video sources, such as one, two or three ground cameras placed for example around the flight area and in the audience, or closer to the action. These images will be broadcast between each flight, as the aerial images will be interrupted while the drone’s battery is changed.

One or two HF microphones can also be fitted to the commentators who can then broadcast on the internet, while being on the ground.

Finally, a monitoring screen allows the assistant to check that the feed coming out of the control room is being transmitted to the target internet pages.

All of this equipment is powered by a 12v battery and remains compact. The entire system is powered by a 12v battery and is compact, fitting into a small backpack that accompanies the pilot and assistant over all types of terrain.

Mobility and freedom of movement is total. So is the reliability and stability of the signal.

But once this image retransmission device is in place on the ground, it will be necessary to choose one or more destinations: on one or more Internet sites? Or to which social network? etc…

We have solutions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Technical side

One stream or multi-streams?

One camera, or one video image source, is a single stream to be transmitted!

Four cameras and two microphones entering our mini-grid, that’s still only one output stream that will be sent to your Facebook page for example. Our director chooses the “source” to be shown to Internet users on the spot.

In both cases, you only have one feed to display on the internet, and we will provide you with a single html integration code (iframe) so that the images appear on the pages of the websites of your choice.

What about multi-streaming?

Imagine that you need to broadcast live images from different sites in different parts of the country.

Let’s say from the company’s headquarters and three factories, warehouses or establishments. You then need 4 feeds (one per site).

4 feeds retransmitted at the same time on the same internet page, displayed as a mosaic (see image below). Each feed remains independent. The Internet user can click and enlarge the stream of his choice to watch it, and hear it if we transmit sound.

The advantage of having multiple streams on a single page is that you only have to give a single URL to your interlocutors, who are then free to navigate from one site to another.

In the field, each site transmitting a stream of images, aerial and/or ground, will require the presence of a team equipped with our complete device.

The only exception is if you want to send a stream from one of your computers during a meeting, for example. We will give you access to the platform and you can appear next to the other aerial streams.

There are many combinations and we always have a suitable solution for you!

the budget

How much does it cost to stream live aerial video on the web?

Hereby, our prices and what is included in our 720p video streaming package, with one or more streams, sent on the Internet (for Facebook, please contact us).

Please note that aerial shots by drone or filming on the ground will be subject to an additional quote.

Type of serviceHardware and services includedDurationRate excl. tax

HOsiHO HD720p Live Streaming Platform
(single or multi-stream)

Creation of the feed(s) on the HOsiHO platform or on Facebook

Embedding of your logo or visual in the images (to be provided in png 1280 x 720 px)

Supply of iframe codes for integration into your websites

Live tests on D-3 to validate on your side the proper functioning of the device on your websites

Retransmission of live images in 1280 x 720p

Replay of the live event for 48 hours

Delivery of the recording as a 1280 x 720p .mp4 file
Package including set-up and availability of the platform on D-day Replay during the following 48 hours300,00€ excl. tax
Live Streaming 4G+ package
(price per retransmitted image source. One source = one or more cameras connected to a control room, which becomes the source to be retransmitted)
Rental of a unit consisting of: LiveU Solo Hdmi box with Bonding option; 2 modems with 4G+ subscription; Hdmi monitoring screen; ATEM mini-grid with 4 hdmi inputs; battery power supply; headset and HF microphone; backpack; cables; assistant1/2 day (4 hours on site)
1 day (9 hours on site)
650, 00€ excl. tax
850, 00€ excl. tax
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