Video by drone “Silence, Marseille Confine…”

We dedicate this film to the people who, every day, are on the front line, taking risks to look after us and to keep this city running, which even in slow motion, is still magnificent in many ways. The proof, in pictures!

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Our Video on the city of Marseille confined, during the worldwide pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus



We hope you and your loved ones are well during this Covid-19 pandemic.

In these uncertain times, we visual creators must continue to create images for history.

The world will need them to remember and explain.

As a drone operator and more simply as image people, we have undertaken since 17 March 2020, to film and photograph our city of Marseille, in full confinement, on the ground and by drone.

Everything was done in strict compliance with the rules of the air and with the agreement of the Prefecture and the Police.

Of course, we applied the general measures necessary to face the epidemic of covid-19 within the framework of the state of sanitary emergency and were careful not to propagate the virus.

Drone-Pictures has thus surveyed Marseille, from the city centre to the Prado beaches, since the beginning of the containment, capturing day after day, on the ground and in the air, the empty squares, the free-flowing motorways, the closed shopping centres, the streets, squares, boulevards, parks and avenues that are usually crowded, but which are now almost deserted.

Time seems to stand still, and these images are often chilling, like something out of a bad movie. But, and this is the paradox, they are beautiful, striking, and sublimated by an insolent spring light. As if to taunt the confined humans we have become.

Thus, an invisible virus has turned the World upside down. Our world so sure of itself.

So blind and arrogant.

Like others, we wanted to keep the visual trace of its passage on our city.

For those who cannot see it like this

For the record, because these moments are undeniably historic.

All our images related to the Covid-19 are available for your audiovisual projects, on the HOsiHO aerial image bank, in a gallery that includes more than 60 cities, including Marseille.


Marseille from the drone during the first lockdown in April 2020


SUNDAY 19 APRIL 2020 #J34

Two video shots taken from our stock-shots for our film “Silence, Marseille confine…”, will appear in a report on the confinement experienced by Marseilles residents (Taxi, Pêcheur, etc…) and broadcast on the 8 o’clock news on France 2 (19/04 to be confirmed)

The shot below shows Marseille confined, on 14/04 around noon, on the J4/La Major side.

Watch the report to find them!

All our maps of Marseille during the Covid => https://www.hosiho.com/en/search?q=Covid-19+Marseille

TUESDAY 14 APRIL 2020 #J29

Dernière journée de tournage avant finalisation du film “Silence, Marseille confine” :

Nous étions au Mucem/Major/J4 et de Borély (parc et Escale).

Ci-dessous, la cathédrale de la Major au couchant pour le plan de fin de notre vidéo aérienne sur le confinement à Marseille.

Tournage aérien confinement Marseille


Some images from an exceptional day of filming:

  • The gabians were very angry at the Catalans
  • The beach of the Prophet totally deserted at sunset
  • The translucent water of the sea, like an invitation to dive in…

These images are made for 2 purposes:

  • Our film on Marseille Confinée, which will be released soon (mid-April)
  • To contribute to the initiative “Special Covid-19” of the aerial video bank HOsiHO, which has undertaken to collect drone, ground and timelapse images of more than 60 cities during the confinement.

SEE ALL OUR MARSEILLE RUSHS shot during Covid-19 and available for purchase on HOsiHO. We are adding more every day, so check back often!

Courage, Patience, and good confinement to all, hoping to find you soon on exciting projects and with the form, the smile and finally with the fresh air!

Tuesday 07 APRIL 2020 #D22 of containment

For a National Geographic documentary, to be broadcast on RMC, on the construction and architecture of the basilica, we had the privilege of filming Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde closed to the public because of Covid-19. Thus, our drones captured images that would not have been possible if the public had been there. To be discovered, in due course, on the day of the broadcast (not announced today).



Whether it is at the Marseille Stock Exchange, at the Remains Gardens, at the Old Port or as above, at the Catalans, the gabians are always out and about and do not appreciate at all the presence of a “foreign body” in their skies! Especially in these times of confinement, when, obviously, the animals, and nature in general, have regained all their rights!

It is therefore not uncommon to have to put down our flying camera in a hurry because of the massive presence of seagulls and gulls flying around the mechanical intruder!

For the needs of the HOsiHO collection devoted to Covid-19, but also to vary as much as possible the points of view on the city in a state of confinement for our own film, we fly over and photograph many places known and less known to the inhabitants of Marseilles, such as the Prefecture, the Palais de Justice, Estrangin, Saint-Férréol, Canebière, Cours Estienne d’Orves, Vieux-Port, the Prado beaches, the David, Borély and the Prado roundabout, the quiet motorways coming into town, the A50 at La Capelette, the A7 at St-Charles, the A55 near the GPMM harbour and the la Marseillaise and CAM-CGM towers.

There was also the Opera, the Bourse du Commerce, Belsunce, the Panier, the Accoules, the Major, the Estaque, the Longchamps Palace, the Réformés, the Mucem, the Joliette, the Rue de la République, the Docks and the Terraces of the Port, the garden of the remains, etc…

You will find all our aerial and ground images (with hyperlapses) in our drone/ground video made with passion and emotion, in tribute to all those who are on the front line of this pandemic and who allow patients to be treated and life to continue, year after year.

A very, very big thank you to you!

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