Our corporate audiovisual productions from 2017 to 2021

Presentation of the main videos designed and produced by the Drone-Pictures teams

Films and reports from 2017 to 2021

Here are the films shot using ground and drone imagery that the Drone-Pictures Marseille teams have produced and edited from A to Z, for our customers, between 2017 and 2021.

June 2017, was our very first film order to produce, for CMA-CGM.

Then, orders for corporate reports, incorporating aerial images as well as indoor, ground shots, with timelapse and interviews, multiplied. We were delighted, and adapted our offer and equipment to meet this growing demand. Our productions in 2022 and 2023 bear witness to this.

For the record, Drone-Pictures has all the in-house equipment needed for this type of audiovisual production, combining aerial drone shots with ground-based images.

Our main advantage: the availability of equipment and, above all, our ability to control costs (with drone service rates calculated to the absolute minimum).

NB: to find out more about our Showreels and all the films produced in 2022 and 2023, visit our dedicated pages or our Vimeo channel.

Early 2021: for SNCF Réseau Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur we produced and directed this report on the modernization work on the Côte Bleue line between Aix and Miramas.and which ran from May 2020 to May 2021!

Spectacular work which often proved acrobatic, hence the imperative need for the drone to go and find the men clinging to the sides of the steep cliffs above the rails.

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April 2021: Video presentation of the SEA-Invest port site on the Canal de Caronte in Martigues. This canal links the Etang de Berre to the Mediterranean Sea via Port-de-Bouc.

This is an aerial and ground presentation of the facilities and infrastructure of this cargo storage and unloading service. During the drone shoot, we saw two ships, one loading lime, the other unloading bauxite at the quayside.

The shots were taken with a Mavic 2 pro in the air, a Panasonic GH5 and a Gopro 8 on the ground.



July 2021: Production of this film for Groupe Genre (Aménagements Paysagers), at the Villa Saint Ange in Aix-en-Provence, a 5-star hotel whose gardens have been completely redesigned and redone by the company.

December 2020: for SNCF Réseau Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur we produced and directed 4 reports in the Roya valley following the devastating passage of storm Alex in October 2020. We shot 4 films on 4 particularly hard-hit sites. Here’s one of the clips shot and edited by our team for SNCF Réseau: the Fontan arcature wall, which had to be stabilized before traffic could resume between the Fontan and Tende stations.

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August 2019: On August 8 we were with our 2 ground cameras and a small Mavic 2 pro drone on the Place Jean-Jaurès in Marseille to immortalize the laying of asphalt by the company NGE and interview the site manager as well as a student engineer doing an internship with the company.


June 2020: Film produced as part of the modernization work on the Marseille – Gardanne – Aix railways line, which SNCF Réseau and the NGE/TSO Group asked us to film by drone and on the ground, in Aix-en-Provence railway station, on the day of the installation of two switch points using TSO’s Kirov crane.

The exceptional operation took place on June 29, 2020, and was also broadcast live with drone footage.

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September 2018: Domaine de la Bégude in the Var, near Bandol and the Mediterranean coast. A magical place of unspeakable natural beauty. How could we not sublimate such a setting and showcase its unique and exceptional features in less than 2 minutes?

The use of drone and ground timelapse was the obvious choice for the director, who was spoilt for choice in terms of angles, landscapes and subjects.

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December 2017: Here’s the film shot for OXY Signalétique in Marseille, at the foot of the Tour du Roi René in Fort Saint-Jean, earlier this week, when the company installed the new Mucem sign. A multi-camera shoot on such a prestigious and beautiful site was bound to produce a magnificent result, as shown in the images!

November 2017: Report produced for LDCT and Décathlon in Dourges (62) near Lille, on the occasion of the arrival of the first freight train direct from China!

This train from the Chinese province of Wuhan will have covered 10800 kms in 20 days, to reach Northern France and the Décathlon warehouses located in Dourges, just a stone’s throw from the Delta 3 trimodal platform, of which LDCT is a part, and which commissioned us to immortalize this beautiful moment that will mark a turning point in transport from China.

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September 2017: Reporting for EOLFI on the occasion of the recovery of the BLIDAR buoy (high-seas precision wind measurement) off Marseille. Departure at 6am from the GPMM with NKE and EOLFI technicians to bring the buoy back to shore, equipped with sensors and measuring instruments, weighing 15 tons and having battled the elements for 16 months (waves up to 7.5m)!

Shot in a single day, the film alternates between drone shots and images from the boat, and ends with a hyperlapse (photos taken every 20 seconds during the 2-hour return tow).

Equipment used: 1 Phantom 4 pro drone; 1 GH4 ground camera on stabilizer; 1 operator.

June 2017: One of our very first productions, with this Making-Of video for the launch of the new CMA-CGM visual in Marseille, mixing drone shots, ground shots and timelapses taken at the foot of the tower, from the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM), over six days!

Equipment: 2 Inspire 2 + X5s drones with 12, 25 and 45mm Zuiko focal lengths; 3 GH4 ground cameras; 1 Gopro; 1 Osmo stabilizer; 1 Syrp Genie 3-axis + rail system.

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