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In a world where technology is evolving at lightning speed, drones have carved out a special place for themselves. Today, they are the perfect way to capture the very essence of a city like Marseille. Let us introduce you to Drone-Pictures Marseille, an operator who has made the sky his favorite playground. Explore with us the fascinating world of urban drone flights and discover how this expertise is revolutionizing our way of perceiving the Marseille city.

Origin of Drone-Pictures Marseille

Let’s delve into the origins of this Marseille company which has made a name for itself in the world of drones: Drone-Pictures. The creation of this audiovisual service provider was born from a passion for new technologies and an insatiable creative desire. From the beginning, the foundation has been based on a fierce desire for innovation and an aspiration to capture breathtaking images from the skies.

  • The first ingredient in this successful recipe was undoubtedly love for the image.
  • Then there was the fascination with these little flying machines capable of climbing so high while being controlled from the ground.
  • Added to this was a deep respect for drone rules and a thorough knowledge of the laws governing their use.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit was not lacking either, with a keen sense of business.
  • There was of course Marseille, a cosmopolitan city with varied landscapes offering an endless palette of visual opportunities.

These elements were carefully mixed by its visionary founders to give birth to Drone-Pictures. Since then, the team has continued to grow in talent and technical expertise to provide more and more to the demanding clients who use their services. This is how the inspiring genesis of the famous Marseille operator Drone-Pictures is told.

Drone Inspire 2 en vol à Notre-Dame de la Garde - © Drone-Pictures Marseille

Services offered by the Marseille operator

The Marseille operator Drone-Pictures, an expert in the world of drones, offers a rich and diverse range of services.

In the field of drone photography and video, we use our expertise to capture the most impressive angles. Whether to immortalize a breathtaking tourist landscape or to highlight a property for sale, our drones capture every detail with precision.

Our services also extend to the world of cinema and advertising. We offer unique aerial shots that bring a new dimension to action films and advertising spots. Our images help to create this visual emotion that directors are looking for so much.

Technical inspection is also an integral part of our services. Thanks to our drones equipped with the latest technologies, we can carry out precise inspections on any type of infrastructure without human risk or impact environmental.

With Drone-Pictures, you benefit from advanced technology combined with our unparalleled passion and artistic skill: a combination perfectly suited to modern professional needs.

Expertise in aerial drone filming

The Marseille operator Drone-Pictures is a reference in aerial drone filming. Armed with consummate expertise, we combine technology and creativity to fly our drones where the human eye cannot reach.

Our expertise lies in capturing breathtaking images from new angles. Each filmed sequence becomes an aerial ballet where each precise movement is designed to meet the needs of the client and the director. Our mastery of framing offers our clients images worthy of the big screen, highlighting their projects in all their facets. Precision is at the heart of our business: the expert piloting of our drones allows us to obtain precise shots that defy the traditional limits of photography and cinema. This attention to detail brings undeniable added value to real estate projects, for example, where aerial photography brilliantly documents the dynamic evolution of construction sites.

At Drone-Pictures, we are convinced that the drone is not simply a tool but a powerful artistic vector that offers a new perspective on the world around us.

For The Explorers Network, Drone-Pictures presents the different aspects of the drone pilot's job

Particularities of drone flights in urban areas in Marseille

Have you ever imagined what Marseille would look like from the sky? Drone-Pictures, the Marseille operator, offers this unique possibility thanks to its drone flights in urban areas. The complexity of the urbanization of the Phocaean city, with its varied architecture and its contrasting neighborhoods, becomes a real aerial spectacle.

    • Modern infrastructures rub shoulders with emblematic monuments such as Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde or the Old Port.

    • Urban beaches offer a different perspective on the city.

    • The constant evolution of the urban landscape is captured from a unique perspective.

Strict regulation of drone flights ensures everyone’s safety.

Using a drone allows you to create stunning promotional videos.

The advantages of promotional videos produced with a drone are numerous: they offer a unique global and panoramic vision which highlights both daring architectural projects and preserved green spaces.

This is how Marseille emerges as you have never seen it before: majestic and vibrant under the expert gaze of DronePictures.

Prices for aerial photography in Marseille and in Provence

When it comes to immortalizing a landscape, an event or a property in Marseille and Provence, Drone-Pictures positions itself as the ideal partner. The Marseille operator offers attractive prices for its aerial shots, combining cutting-edge technology and artistic know-how.

The offer starts with a very competitive day package which includes HD or 4K video capture by professional drone piloted by our certified experts. This cost also includes broadcast rights for unlimited web use.

For more specific projects requiring high-end equipment or special authorizations, Drone-Pictures offers a personalized quote so that each customer benefits from a tailor-made service at the best price.

The prices offered by Drone-Pictures are designed to be accessible while guaranteeing optimal quality. They reflect our commitment to making aerial audiovisual art accessible to all those who wish to enhance their vision using drones.

To find out more about the possibilities for aerial drone photography in Marseille and Provence, you can consult our dedicated information page here.

Yatch Zoé - Topshot - iles du Frioul © Drone-Pictures copie

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