Drone services prices

Price lists for an audiovisual aerial services by drones

Drone shooting budget

How much would cost a full day for drone shooting in France
with a professional UAV pilot?


Drone-Pictures charges its aerial services according to time spent on locations, without limitation of the number of flights or images to shoot: our fares are dispatched on three different packs: 60 minutes, half day, full day. Discounted prices from the second day.

Our fares for an aerial assignment by drone are calculated in order to provide you with a complete professionnal high-quality service, with no surprise or hidden fees.

Reference rates for a drone assignement in France

(excluding options, travel expenses, administrative costs)

Degressive coefficients if multiple days are booked : 2 days x 1,9 – 3 days x 2,7 – 4 days x 3,5

Type of drone serviceType of drone and number of operatorsOn-site presencePrices excl. tax
Audiovisual (photo/video)Drone Mavic 2 pro in single-operator mode (single pilot)1st hour350, 00€ excl. tax
Audiovisual (photo/vidéo)Drone Mavic 2 pro in single-operator mode (single pilot)4 hours (½ day)550, 00€ excl. tax
Audiovisual (photo/video)Drone Mavic 2 pro in single-operator mode (single pilot)1 day (8h + 1h break)750, 00€ excl. tax
Audiovisuelle (photo/vidéo)Drone Inspire 2 in double-operator (Pilot + cameraman) with Zenmuse X5S camera, H264 codec, 3 Zuiko lenses. Optional: X7 camera and lenses - Raw/ProRes codecs1st hour650, 00€ excl. tax
Audiovisual (photo/video)Drone Inspire 2 in dual-operator mode (Pilot + cameraman) with Zenmuse X5S camera, H264 codec, 3 Zuiko lenses. Optional: X7 camera and lenses - Raw/ProRes codecs4 hours (½ day)950, 00€ excl. tax
Audiovisuelle (photo/vidéo)Drone Inspire 2 in dual-operator mode (Pilot + cameraman) with Zenmuse X5S camera, H264 codec, 3 Zuiko lenses. Optional: X7 camera and lenses - Raw/ProRes codecs1 day (8h + 1h break)1350, 00€ excl. tax
Our drone shooting Package

What is included in our drone photography rates?

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The main drone

with all the useful accessories for its evolution. Approved by the french DGAC in the required scenario (S1, S2, and/or S3), ready to fly and daily checked by our technicians.french

Best brushless gimbals

and cameras of the moment: DJI Zenmuse X5S/X7 with Raw and ProRes licenses

The drone pilot

A pilot allowed to fly in France and Europe, duly listed on our MANEX, higly skilled and keen with aerial image capture

The cameraman

If needed, a drone cameraman specialized in aerial images, with a heavy background in aerial photography and footage fields ( up to 25 years)

Aerial Drone Shooting

The shooting gears (called basic) necessary for your mission, with all accessories (batteries, chargers, ...) and if necessary, SSD, lenses and cameras

HD Video monitoring

DJI CrystalSky or iPad mini 8" HD monitors, with, if necessary, a video monitor specially dedicated to the customer who can follow the live capture of his images and intervene in real time on the flight

Complementary drone

A mini drone quadro Mavic 2 Pro with a 4K camera and a one inch sensor, for any optional shooting idea that may occur in narrow spaces or tricky locations

Professionnal insurance

a professionnal insurance (RC) mandatory for any french drone operator (AXA).


Our own car.

Our cameras

Discover our numerous options and cameras available for all your drone and/or ground shooting needs, in aerial video, timelapse, drone photography, and 3-axis stabilised pods.
Price reduction

Our Drone Option
Zenmuse X7 6K

Super35mm sensor – RawDNG/ProRes/Prores Raw codecs – focal lengths from 14 to 75mm

The price of our Drone Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X7 option (has the 6K in Raw or ProRes) is going down, and the super wide-angle Laowa 9mm is now included in the optics pack!

• The price of the X7 option on our Inspire 2 Drone Drone Drone Drone Drone 2 has been lowered from 250€ht/day to +150€ht/day compared to the X5s configuration.

• We offer, at no extra cost, an ultra-wide-angle lens with a new 9mm Laowa lens (14mm equivalent)!

Everyone offers the 4K because all drones have been carrying these cameras for several years.
The 5K is already rarer on the market because not only do you need an Inspire 2 type UAV, but also the licence to film in ProRes or Raw/Dng, and at least the X5s camera.
As for the 6K, only a few dozen operators offer it in France, including Drone-Pictures since 2018, with the superb Zenmuse X7 camera and its host of dedicated lenses, from 14 to 75mm.

The 6K in RawDNG, essential for shooting with your ground shots filmed in Red Helium 8K for example.

Our Raw or Prores packs include 3 CineSSD discs of 480gb, and focal lengths from 14 to 75mm (35mm equivalent).

OurDouble Inspire Pack

What's included
in the Double Inspire Pack

Depending on the main set-up you need, the DJI Inspire 2 UAV will be equipped with one of our two cameras: 

Zenmuse X7 with super 35mm sensor (above) 

Zenmuse X5S with M4/3 sensor (below)

Each camera comes with 5 Prime lenses (DJI for the X7; Zuiko Olympus for the X5s, and 2 Laowa super wide-angle 7.5 and 9mm lenses).

You have the choice for the codec: H264 or 265, Raw/Dng or ProRes, ProResRaw (X7)

All you have to do is choose the resolution: HD1080p, 4K, 5.2K, and with the X7, 6K in ProresRaw or Raw/Dng (see details on embarked cameras here)

Think about these details when choosing your UAV operator!

DJI Zenmuse X5S
VR 360°Option

VR360 option is at 0€ !

Travel expenses not included
(no charge within 30 kms around Marseille)

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