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A rare but essential service!

Drone-Pictures, a drone aerial photography company based in Marseille, offers you the possibility of producing very high-resolution aerial panoramic photographs, known as aerial giga-panoramas or giga-pixel panoramas!
We are one of the very few French drone operators to be able to offer this new service with multiple interests, and which opens the door not only to Giant Prints of photographic quality but also to technical, biological or ecological applications when the need for detail is crucial, such as the identification and/or counting of plant or animal species, or the detection of disorders on structures such as bridges or dams!

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Vieux-Port in Marseille at sunset with the Frioul in the background on the right – Explore 100% on Gigapan

Example of a 180° aerial gigapanorama (234 mpix) made by drone – 20 photos of 20 mpix were taken and assembled

Detail of the original photo above: Chateau d’If and Iles du Fioul – view 100% on Gigapan

About the Giga Panorama

What is an aerial gigapanorama?

The GigaPano, or Gigapixel Panorama, is a very high definition aerial photograph covering a wide angle of view.

Gigapano images have amazing detail, obtained by combining several dozen individual digital photographs into a single panorama.

The creation of these panoramic aerial photographs therefore allows for giant enlargements in the order of 4 to 7 metres wide and 1 to 2 metres high.

The assembled images result in a single file weighing between 200 MegaPixels and 3 GigaPixels (at 300dpi), depending on the camera fitted to the drone, and covers a field of vision ranging from 120 to 360 degrees, depending on the model chosen at the time of shooting.

The aerial panorama is then composed of 20 to 150 photos of 20 mega-pixels each, which are then manually assembled into a single giga-pano.

An aerial GigaPano is a giant photographic work of very high quality to decorate prestigious interior spaces such as head offices, hotel lobbies, tourist offices, town halls, prefectures, museums, etc.

The applications

What to do with a giant panoramic aerial photo?

An aerial GigaPano is a giant photographic work of very high quality to decorate prestigious interior spaces such as head offices, hotel lobbies, tourist offices, town halls, prefectures, museums, etc.

Because of its very high resolution, the aerial GigaPano opens up new perspectives such as :

• Zooming considerably into an image and extracting the detail that matters to you, or organising a game in the style of “Where’s Charlie?”

• A giant print of great photographic quality thanks to its unique definition.

• Show a site in a unique way

• Virtual tours with very detailed images, which can then be mixed with either other GigaPano, 360 photos (Giga or Standard), and/or clickable videos.

Apart from its undeniable artistic and decorative interest, the aerial GigaPano with its ultra-high resolution allows applications as diverse as new:

• The counting and identification of animal or plant species on a cliff, a difficult to access area or a marine area… For example, ornithologists wishing to locate nests and the distribution of groups of birds on a cliff.

• Initial analysis of structures, dams, dykes, etc.: decision support on an undistorted and georeferenced orthophoto mosaic

• Detailed monitoring over time of the environmental impact of a human action (regular Giga-photographic survey from the same GPS point)

Which budget?

How much does an aerial GigaPano cost ?

The cost of producing an aerial GigaPano is made up of several variable elements:

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The drone used: 390€ ex VAT (fixed price)

Travel costs: 0,60€/kms

The cost of filing for site-related permits: NC

The assembly of the panorama in the final format (120°, 180° or 360°): from 290,00 to 490,00 € ex VAT

The rights of exploitation of the photographic work: fixed price 300,00 € ex VAT.

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