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Our Corporate 2022 audiovisual productions

Overview of the main videos created and produced by Drone-Pictures teams
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Films and videos produced in 2022

For a number of years now, we’ve been regularly asked by our customers and prospective customers to go well beyond simple drone filming. It all started with the need to edit the aerial rushes, with music, a logo, text and a bit of motion-design. Then one thing led to another, and the need matured, and so did we, so that drone footage is now almost always used alongside on-board footage, on the ground or at sea, often with interviews and more sophisticated post-production.

The (complementary) transition from our main activity as a pure Drone Filming Provider to that of a more global Drone & Ground Audiovisual Production Agency has taken place slowly, over time and each time on projects justifying a mix of aerial and ground images.

So, to showcase the expertise we’ve acquired over the years, each year we present a selection of our videos. Those that our customers have kindly entrusted to us from A to Z.

In other words, from conception to post-production, including, of course, the filming.

We can’t thank them enough for their trust!

Drone-Pictures has all the equipment needed for this kind of production in-house, starting with drones, action cameras, classic cameras, 360 cameras, booms and mini-masts, microphones, tripods, stabilisers and the essential mounting accessories. And let’s not forget the editing bench and a host of hard disks and Ssd drives. This gives us control over the costs and availability of the equipment needed for an audiovisual production, which often depends on the weather and the schedules of the people involved. That’s another of our strengths: in-house production!

NB: to discover our films made before 2022, there’s nothing better than watching them on our Vimeo channel.

Here’s the teaser we produced for the Provence Art Gallery, with whom we’ve had the privilege (and joy) of working since September 2021.

Based at Château Charleval (13), no fewer than 30 artists are now represented there, with fabulous monumental works exhibited in the open air, in the immense grounds of this astonishing château.

The images in this clip are taken from the thirty or so videos (one per work) that the gallery commissioned us to produce for its online sales site.

We used a variety of shooting techniques to ensure maximum creativity: drones, ground cameras and a VR360 8K ball (ie Insta360 Pro2).

To find out all about these short films and discover the other side of this kind of production, read the blog.


In January 2022, CMA-CGM commissioned this report, shot at Eurofos with interviews of representatives of the three groups: GPMM, CMA-CGM and TotalEnergies, during the LNG bunkering operation of the container ship CC Bali on 22/01/2022 at Fos-sur-Mer. See photos of the filming.

In February and March 2022, it’s SNCF Réseau turn to give us this film about the development of ponds to the west of Etang-de-Berre in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, along the Côte Bleue. A fine ecological initiative in a rather wild setting.

-> More information on this production

In 2021 and 2022, the ITER Organisation has entrusted us with the production of this video by drone, as well as the VR360 shots by drone and on the ground with our Insta360 Pro 2 8K camera for the Virtual Tour of the site in April 2022. These are never-before-seen images of the gigantic Cadarache site, on the ground, in the air and indoors. Another drone video was also produced by Drone-Pictures for ITER in October 2022, but was only broadcast internally. To find out more about our productions, services and 360° photo shoots for ITER.

Video made at the very beginning of summer 2022 for this boat hire company with professional and friendly skippers: Eden Boat in La Ciotat also commissioned us to take photos and videos at sea (not from a drone) to illustrate their website and give a better presentation of the boats available (5 types with 12 passengers). -> More info

August 2022, between La Ciotat and the Gulf of Fos, video produced for Quiet-Oceans, a Breton company working on the European PIAQUO project, which has developed the SmartPAM buoy equipped with hydrophones (submersible microphones) capable of recording underwater sounds.

For 3 months, the buoy will record the sounds emitted by ships passing through the access channel to the port of Fos-sur-mer.

The film of this wonderful mission was shot with a lot of equipment, starting with our 2 Mavic 3s, the Sony FX3, and 2 Gopro (for the hyperlapse and the underwater view of the buoy)!

-> More about this project

In October 2022, we covered the Top Transport trade show for its organiser Comexposium, which was celebrating its 30th anniversary! The event culminated in a magnificent evening of festivities and dancing, filmed by our Mavic 3 drone and Sony FX3 full frame ground camera mounted on the DJI Ronin stabiliser, at the foot of the Palais du Pharo draped in sublime lighting as night fell, as you can see from these photos. This is a typical example of an exhibition and event report.

In December 2022, the Vinci/Travaux du Midi Group entrusted us with 18 months of site supervision at the BA115 air base in Orange-Caritat, in the Vaucluse region of France. Opposite, the very first film broadcast by the SGA of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which was produced without a drone. All the other films contain drone footage.

The films are shot approximately every 2 to 3 months using the Mavic 3, Sony FX3, Insta360 RSOne Inch and Gopro11.

-> Find out more about this project

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