Daniel Rocher entrusts Drone-Pictures with the production of images of the artworks from the collection presented at Chateau Charleval


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We are going to tell you the story of a Rencontre.
A wonderful story. A rare and human experience with the purpose of Art and Creativity!

August 2021, the time of vacations for Sami Sarkis of Drone-Pictures.

Somewhere in France, he receives a call from Daniel Rocher who had just discovered the Marseille-based operator Drone-Pictures via the website of the HOSIHO Drone Network.

The kind of call that leaves its mark, given the atypical nature of the request.

Daniel Rocher, sculptor, sponsor and owner of Château Charleval and the Provence Art Gallery,, was looking to have a series of mini-clips made, each presenting one of the works exhibited at the Château.


One film per artist. 28 artists, so 28 clips of about 30 seconds. Daniel wanted a drone point of view.

It must be said that after seeing the place, and especially the artworks exposed, we understood why!

Everything followed very quickly. At the end of August, we went to see the location and had our first meeting with the “man with the hat” as Daniel likes to call himself.

Visit of the exterior of the castle and explanation of each of the monumental works present. Then it’s the turn of the interiors and the private galleries distributed in the 22 rooms on 3 floors.
In each room, a single artist exhibits several works: paintings, sculptures, photos.


This visit, commented with passion and humor by the master of the place, will allow Sami Sarkis to totally impregnate himself with the magic of the site, the artworks, the history of the artists, as well as the personality of Daniel.

Obviously, everything here is beautiful, and the decor is certainly cinematographic.
The imagination can run free and that’s exactly what Daniel is waiting for!

Sami, curious by nature, holds back his thousand questions. The man with the hat is endearing, talkative, very friendly, but who is he, in fact? Why this castle? Since when? Why these artists? How does he intend to promote them? What does he expect from these videos?

Daniel knows that he has stimulated the curiosity of his guest, and he will distill his answers during an improvised meal in the kitchen, around a good pizza.
Not only will he reveal himself, but a creative and friendly complicity will germinate.

The artist Daniel Rocher has found the creative image man he was looking for.

Sami Sarkis, for his part, is happy, very happy. He knows that this castle will be his playground for several months.

A ground where he will be able to express his creativity in complete freedom to sublimate and praise the artists whose artwork he will have to film!
Happy but a little worried. Sami knows that the adventure that lies ahead is more of an artistic exploration than a rigorous audiovisual production. His career as a documentary filmmaker and corporate reporter is quite extensive, but he hasn’t done anything like this project.

With Daniel, you have to reinvent yourself. To create about thirty small pieces of films, each one original.
There are no bans, no guidelines. Anything is possible, as long as it hits the mark. That Daniel is satisfied with the result.

At the beginning of September, first day of shooting in these fabulous gardens which smell so good the best of Humanity, namely Culture, Art, Peace.
The day is sunny. Green is still the dominant color. The colors are alive, and the works inspiring.
Daniel will accompany Sami. Both of them will imagine, artwork after artwork, the shots to be done.
Daniel will be the human element.
The man with the hat will subtly give the scale to each work, as well as the movement and the presence essential to these still lifes.

This first day, which started with a thick fog in the Charleval plain, will allow the two companions to gather images that are both unreal and full of vibrations. Their creativity will be expressed in every second of this unforgettable day, in every shot, in every word exchanged.

Between a creative drone pilot with a flying camera to whom nothing or almost nothing is forbidden, an accomplished artist and a collector who knows this world inside out, extraordinary works of art planted in a magnificent park, it would have been unthinkable not to bring back original and accurate images!

Master words of this collaboration: Improvisation, Exploration, Creativity.



 Short 50 second teaser showing the richness and variety of the gallery’s collection of artworks – produced by Drone-Pictures

It is during these first shootings, and their mutual discussions, that Sami will show Daniel the potential of a 360 video shooting.
The ” Little Planet ” effect will seduce him immediately and it is with parsimony that this technique will be used each time the artwork or the place will impose it.


It is with the InstaPro 2 8K camera that these spherical shots will be taken, on the ground or in the air, with our Matrice M200 drone.

For the interiors, no drone, but the excellent Sony FX3 camera on the Ronin S2 stabilizer, particularly adapted in low light with its full format sensor.

The drones used will be the Inspire 2 for wide shots, and mainly the Mavic 2 pro for slow shots closer to the art works.

The Mavic 3 Ciné will be used in November 2021 for the shooting of the clip around the works of Francis Guerrier, and the night views of Château-Charleval, captured in December during the first Arty Day.


The films editing will be done one by one. Sami will edit each video himself to keep the spirit of the artwork and the castle.
The music will be a key element of each clip.
Each artist will need his own music.
To choose the music, Sami has only one indication from Daniel: he likes the cello!
For the first montage, the one of the castle’s exteriors, he listens to dozens of pieces based on the cello, and the one he chooses will immediately please Daniel Rocher.

It remains that for the tens of other works, it will be necessary to find musics which stick to the work or to the artist.
Sami Sarkis will make his choices alone, according to either his inspiration or his knowledge of the history of the work and its creator.

Daniel will validate his musical choices and his choices of images and rhythm. With a very few exceptions, each video will be welcomed by Daniel Rocher as a “candy” that he will enjoy, first alone, before rushing to show it to his friends and family: starting with his wife and Simon Rocherieux, who works with him on this extraordinary project, to Patricia, who designs the website for which these creations are intended, and of course to the concerned artists.

Each time, he will tell Sami the few remarks and especially his great jubilation.

Jubilation. This is the word that best suits this wonderful collaboration, exciting from start to finish, with a client who is happy to have found the person who understands him so well.

Thank you Mr. Daniel Rocher. We are looking forward to the next part of this story!



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