Seven Benefits Of Drone Footage

Professional Drone Pilots preparing the Inspire 2, in Provence, France

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Seven Benefits Of Drone Footage

Drone photography is a technique used across many fields of both the arts and sciences where perspective and audience engagement rely on exquisite visual imaging to convey a message. The benefits of drone footage have become so recognized by audiences and producers that it’s almost considered an essential tool for enhancing any audiovisual product. If you want eye-catching appeal combined with crisp and unbounded views that exude a professional quality to your next work, then it might be time to hire a company that has been doing it since the beginning to help take you to that next level.

Drone-Pictures has been helping clients in a wide array of industries from real estate agencies to travel vloggers for over a decade do just that. With the latest technology in drone photography, as well as innovative operational and filming techniques, Drone-Pictures has earned a reputation as a leader in the business, and we think you’ll agree from these 7 drone footage benefits that it’s a must-have tool for you, too.

1. Unique Perspectives

Of all the benefits of drone footage for any project, the one that sticks out the most is the unique perspective it offers the viewer. It was only a relatively short time ago when the majority of filming was limited to terrestrial views delivered by a handheld camera operator. Without access to a large crane, helicopter, (or a hot-air balloon), it was unfeasible for a small-budget production to even consider getting shots from 120 m above a location. Drones today can film up to that height, as well as several vantage points for a bird’s eye view of the world that offers unlimited potential for a filmmaker’s imagination to conceive and achieve.

It’s not only in the arts that this unique perspective is beneficial. Several industries recognize drone footage benefits for helping them to see the bigger picture of things. One area that does so most is construction and land development. Large swaths of inaccessible terrain can be assessed, while timelapse editing shows buildings being brought to life at key stages. Real estate agents, too, can show a truer picture to buyers, giving insights into a property’s value and potential in a visually powerful way that generates more sales.


2. Superb Quality Of Footage

Aerial footage immediately draws the eye, but the benefits of drone footage go further. Drone-Pictures has advanced along with technology, and our cameras can shoot now in 6k video format, giving a level of color definition, detail, and dynamic that is of the highest caliber among professional audiovisual production. With the best brushless gimbals and 3-axis stabilization, our drone footage benefits also include remarkably stable cameras that deliver smooth and flawless images while our expert pilots perform complex maneuverings and flight paths. You can tell by viewing some of our work that nothing is compromised in picture quality by the complexity involved in getting it. The benefits of drone footage come with no drawbacks, only superb enhancements.


3. Drone Footage Benefits Come On Time, On Budget

A very serious aspect about the benefits of drone footage you should consider is the short amount of time it takes and its affordability. Most of our project packages for just shooting range from one hour to one day, and prices are accommodating to any budget. Drone-Pictures can take care of your production from A to Z, with music syncing and even voice-over work, as well. Our pilots are all certified to fly in urban or rural areas of France, and we carry professional insurance, as well. This all saves you time and money – a huge plus for any business.


Drone Inspire 2 flying on the cornice Etérel, French Riviera, FranceDrone Inspire 2 flying on the cornice Etérel, French Riviera, France


4. Low Impact Solutions

Another of the often-overlooked benefits of drone footage is the low impact it has on shooting environments. Our drones are of commercial quality. Their small size and relatively quiet operation make them less abrasive to their surroundings, meaning they don’t bother people or the wildlife. If you need a solution for your audiovisual project that causes as least disruption as possible with maximum results, then this is one of the drone footage benefits that may appeal to you the most.


5. Engaging Marketing

It’s easy to see that drone footage has made a huge impact on audiovisual production. Personal experience will confirm to you that many of the most popular channels on YouTube, commercials on TV or online, and even high-level films in cinema are all incorporating aerial shots to engage their audiences – and their using drones to achieve it. If you want your business’s marketing campaign to stand out from everyone else, you can do it with services from Drone-Pictures. Viewers are attracted to the sweeping visualizations that are achieved through drone photography, and incorporating it into your videos is guaranteed to instantly become more engaging and a much more enjoyable watching experience.


6. Unrivaled Versatility

A drone can go more places than any other camera. Drones fly, they hover, they rise, they fall. At Drone-Pictures we have accomplished many feats that filmmakers have envisioned that couldn’t be achieved with another device. Smooth tracking shots can start on one side of a house, move room to room showcasing a real estate property for sale, and then exit through a window to exhibit its gardens and grounds. The sky is not the limit for a drone!


7. Lasting Impressions

Probably the most important of the benefits of drone footage to a filmmaker is the lasting impression it makes on audiences. It’s not usually every scene that does this, but the ones that are the grandest in scale. Drone photography is capable of capturing truly epic visuals that will stay in the minds of viewers. Whether you’re trying to entertain, sell, build, or educate, you will always impress with the high quality that drone photography delivers.


Drone-Pictures Marseille

Drone-Pictures is based in Provence, in the centre of Marseille, but we service clients all over France. If you want your next audiovisual project to impress, contact us now by phone or through the contact form.


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