Gallery of Aerial videos by drone

Gallery of aerial videos, by Drone-Pictures

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Selection of videos produced for our clients or for special events, with aerial video footage from drones, in Marseille, in Provence, or in France.
Some video sequences are available for your audiovisual projects via HOsiHO, an online aerial stock footage library (focusing on France and the world seen from above – photos & HD & 4K video clips)

What aerial videos by drone bring to the filmmaking

In recent years, the drone has become an indispensable piece of equipment for audiovisual professionals. Not only does it allow for excellent quality aerial shots to be taken at low cost, but it also offers the possibility of taking much more technical and complex shots.

The drone: a real revolution!

The use of these remote-controlled or programmed aircraft has led to great technical and scientific advances in many fields. For many years now, drones have been massively used for the surveillance of spaces and large civil or military infrastructures, as well as for carrying out site surveillance. The other major field of activity in which the drone has made a considerable contribution is audiovisual. We’re not just talking about film here, where the drone makes it possible to achieve stunning shots, to pass through places where cranes and helicopters stop (such as to follow a vehicle under a tunnel), to film car chases or big battles without having to erase the helicopter’s shadow in post-production. We are talking about all sectors of the audiovisual industry: entertainment, representation of sports competitions, heritage audiovisual or even promotional or advertising audiovisual. For example, for sports competitions, the drone has made it possible to achieve real feats in terms of images and can offer better shots of game phases or sports performances.

Drone helps reduce production costs

The cost of a film containing aerial shots can be very high due to the need to hire suitable equipment such as cranes, articulated arms, stabilisers or even aircraft such as planes and helicopters. Not only does a drone concentrate in its small size all the shooting techniques done with all this expensive equipment, but it can also go beyond and do shots that could not be done with this type of equipment. To be programmed or remotely controlled, it only takes one person equipped with a touchscreen and the app that controls the drone. The costs of making an aerial view by drone are therefore reduced compared to traditional methods, which is of great interest to producers.

Drone aerial footage from HD to 6K

The drones used by audiovisual professionals allow cameras to be carried on board to achieve high quality shots. In addition, the advantage of the drone is that it has stabilisers that offer unprecedented image fluidity. It is a method of video shooting that is very popular for filming landscapes as part of the making of a cinema film, a TV film, a documentary or for making a promotional video in the field of tourism, in the field of real estate or even for making industrial video.

Flawless aerial images

As we have just seen, professional drones have a efficient stabilisation system, even in strong winds. This allows for perfectly sharp images, without motion blur. For example, this is ideal for making 180° shots when monitoring a construction site for example. In some cases, it also improves viewing comfort. Let’s take the case of the Tour de France. Before, a small film crew had to be taken on board a helicopter to comment on the live images. The noise of the helicopter’s blades could be heard in the background, which could be quite unpleasant, as could the camera’s jerks. With a drone, the transmission of the images is clear, smooth and the commentary can be done from a distance.

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