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Let's go back in time in drone images

With this Drone Video Portfolio we invite you to watch our various video montages summarizing, by year, or by theme, our production of aerial images during drone shooting assignments!

Videos mostly ordered by our customers, but also made on our initiative, for pleasure, during tests, or more often in order to feed our collection of drone stock footage available via the HOsiHO aerial images bank.

Let’s start with the latest videos published, then go back in time, until April 2012, the date of our first aerial clip. Have a good trip!

In addition, we tell you everything, and in images, about Our History!

NB: to watch the Corporate films we made in 2022 and 2023, see our pages dedicated to these years, and for even more videos, nothing better than browsing the Vimeo channel.

Showreel 2023

As we do every year, here’s a partial retrospective of our drone shootings in 2023, with some of the finest images filmed for our customers during the very diverse drone and ground services we performed, mainly in the South of France.

Read more on HOsiHO Drone Network website

Sublime Marseille, Opus 3 – Les Inédits

Here is the third part of our aerial series in Marseille seen by our drones, shot in 4K between May 2016 and December 2023!

Ready for an aerial tour of Marseille in 90 shots?

For this new year, we invite you to fly over Marseille by drone and discover no less than 14 of the city’s 16 arrondissements, as you’ve never seen them before.

So fasten your seatbelts, crank up the sound, and enjoy! 

To find out more, and in particular the names of the districts/monuments/sites filmed, read about this production.

Welcome to Marseille Pope Francis!

See how our city is Sublime with our video postcard!

We (re)released our most beautiful drone images of the Good Mother, the Vélodrome stadium and the Pharo to welcome Pope Francis. So many sites where he visited on 22 & 23/09/2023 and that we so often flew over to film them by drone.

So, on this occasion, more than ever, Marseille rhymes with Belle, Soleil and Spirituelle!

And we’re showing it with this video!

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Showreel 2022

2022 was our best year since 2011, both in terms of quantity of films produced, drone and ground shooting services, and variety of projects, always exciting.

The only ones responsible are our customers, old and new!

Thank you.

-> See the summary in images of 2022

Ferrari Compilation

Paul Ricard Circuit 2020-2022

Video compilation of the most beautiful drone & ground images, shot at the Circuit du Castellet for Ferrari in September 2020 and 2022. Editing just for fun, because we had a hell of a stock of footage to show and we too love filming Motorsports and hanging out on the circuits (even if it’s horribly noisy! 😉

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Don du Vent Sailboat !

On September 10th, 2021, we invited our customers to a sea walk in the harbor of Marseille, in order to blow our 10 candles on a wonderful sailboat with the evocative name Le Don du Vent!

Here is the film of this Marseille and sailor birthday with some aerial images by drone of the sailboat (available on HOsiHO). The boat took us from the Old Port to Riou, then to the Planier lighthouse, to finish at anchoring in the Friuli Islands for a bath and an aperitif dinner under the setting sun. The return was made at night, under a starry sky with, to guide us and annoy us even more, the lights of the Palais du Pharo, Fort Saint-Jean, the Mucem and the inevitable Bonne-Mère.

-> More images of our shootings on the Don du Vent (Gift of the Wind)

Retrospective 2011-2021


After the launch of our new website, we wanted to mark 2021, the year of our tenth anniversary, with a 2011/2021 compilation all in images.

So here is the clip that traces our history over a decade, and that allows us to thank our customers and all the telepilots, cameramen, technicians and speakers who have allowed our company to cross this pioneering era with some success!

The choice of images was difficult as the harvest was so rich and abundant. But we believe that this assembly demonstrates not only our know-how and the technical evolution that we have had to follow throughout the decade, but also the diversity of plans that can be carried out with drones.

PS: don’t miss the end (from 7:00 to 8:00), you will see our images of Marseille at night, filmed in 6K raw and available on HOsiHO, where else?!

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Silence, Marseille Under Lockdown!

Covid hits the entire planet in 2020. Rather than undergoing lockdown, we decide to make images of our city. Thus, this moving and touching film was born. We dedicate it, again and again, to people who, every day, are on the front line, taking risks to treat us and run this city, which even in slow motion, remains no less beautiful in many aspects.

Drone-Pictures has surveyed Marseille, from the city center to the Prado beaches, since the beginning of the lockdown, striking day after day, on the ground and in the air, empty squares, fluid highways, closed shopping centers, streets and avenues usually crowded, now almost deserted.

Time is as if suspended. These images are chilling, like the way out of a bad movie. But, and this is all the paradox, they are beautiful, striking, and sublimated by an insolent spring light. As if to taunt the confined Humans that we were then.

An invisible virus has turned the World upside down. Like others, we wanted to keep a visual record of his passage over our city. For those who can’t see it this way. For the record, because these moments are undeniably historical. See all the images related to Covid19 on HOsiHO.

-> Diary in pictures of the lockdown in Marseille

Showreel 2019

Our drone shootings in 2019 allowed us to see a lot of countries:

The South of France – mainly on the water, at sea or by the sea

Then on the side of Lyon, Châlons, Mâcon, Tournus, Arles, Avignon, Cannes and the Côte-d’Azur, for our increasingly international customers!

Making-Of Norsepower – Maersk Pelican

February 2020

Making-Of of our drone shooting mission of the oil tanker Maersk Pelican in the open sea, for Norsepower, manufacturer of Rotor Sails, in the Mediterranean Sea in the Gulf of Fos-sur-Mer.

-> Learn more about this incredible drone assignment

Need For Speed 2019

In 2016, we compiled in the Track & Follow of Moving Vehicles video some vehicle tracking images by drone. It was therefore time to complete it with a new montage more focused on the sensation of speed, with a series of new aerial images captured by drone on the circuits, roads, seas or ponds of the South region!

Indeed, the use of a dual-operator drone, often our Inspire 2 with different focal lengths, is particularly suitable for tracking vehicles or subjects such as galloping horses. Obviously, these images are only possible with a suitable drone, equipped with the right focal length, and always in dual operator, i.e. in a Camera/Pilot duo, as experienced as possible!

Drone-Pictures is always at the service of the automotive sector and audiovisual creation in search of ever more spectacular and bluffing images.

See in these montages and other compilations, all our images and references, as well as the services we can offer around vehicle tracking.

Showreel 2018

This showreel is a partial summary of our many shootings in 2018: some of the most beautiful images taken during drone filming at the 4 corners of France, for our French and international customers!

Of course, as every year, we take this opportunity to thank them for the trust they have placed or renewed in us, and for the unforgettable experiences we had during these drone aerial captures!

2019 is our eighth year of activity in the production of aerial images by drone, in the south of France. It promises to be exciting and very eclectic with a novelty, 360° video capture in the city, finally affordable and simplified!

Showreel 2017

A pivotal year, with finally the full exploitation of our new dual-operator drones, ie. the Dji Inspire 2, ideal on automotive circuits.

2018 is already here. This will be our 7th year of activity in the drone service in Marseille and Provence, and to complete our equipment, we welcome our new X7 zenmuse camera (in addition to the X5s) and can offer a new aerial Giga-panos service by drone.

Sublime Marseille (Opus 2)

Here is the second part of our aerial production in Marseille seen by our drones, shot in 4K between February 2016 and April 2017 and put online in May 2017!

This time it is a question of discovering from above, from sunrise to sunset, part of the sumptuous maritime facade of Marseille, on the Mediterranean sea side: from the port of the Goudes, to the Estaque, via the islands of Friuli, the Corniche Kennedy, the Catalans, the Palais du Pharo, the Prado and its beaches as well as the GPMM, in other words the autonomous port of the city and its offshore dike!

Ready to drop the moorings?!

-> Learn more about this production (in french)

Showreel 2016

Here is the “Showreel 2016” of Drone-Pictures.

A Tour de France in itself, with some landmarks such as the Rhône, the Vercors, the Canal du Midi, Gourdon, the Gorges du Verdon, the Circuit du Castellet, the vineyards of Banyuls, the plateau of Lagarde d’Apt with its lavender, Castillon du Gard, Grignan and its castle, the Tower of Crest, the Esterel massif, Château de Pompadour, the multimodal platform of Dourges, the Normandy bridge, the Camargue, Arles, and in the final Marseille Palais Longchamps!

To watch in 4K!

WEC Prologue 2016

Compilation of our drone images shot on March 25, 2016 at the Circuit Paul Ricard du Castellet where the test sessions of the 2016 Prologue of the WEC (World Endurance Championship) were held!

Drone-Pictures already at the service of motorsport: and besides, most likely our very first drone shooting on this mythical circuit, with the Inspire 1 as dual operators!

Sublime Marseille (Opus 1)

First Opus of Sublime Marseille – February 2016.

At the release of this first episode of Sublime Marseille, the clip totaled more than 100,000 views on all our social networks! Suffice to say that it boosted us well for the rest of the year!

This first opus is a compilation of our production of 4K aerial images made since the end of 2015 on the monuments and essential sites of the Phocaean city. A project of our own initiative and which will lead to the exhaustive shooting of all neighborhoods, and in all seasons. This shooting will take place throughout 2016. These unique images of illustration of the new trendy tourist destination that Marseille has become, are produced for the HOsiHO collection, the World seen from above, a platform from which it is possible to acquire these sequences for commercial or editorial use.

Chenonceau Castle, by drone

Clip shot in May 2015 for the Château de Chenonceau, and whose rushes have enriched the collection of our stockshots represented by the HOsiHO agency

-> Learn more about this shooting (in french)

Avignon, seen by Drone

Avignon, prefecture of Vaucluse, like an eagle will see this beautiful city!

Images taken with Fanny Production for the CRT-Paca, between April and June 2014 and of which we are still proud almost 10 years later because, let’s say it: for the Palais des Papes in Avignon we were the first to have ever filmed it with a drone from the inside!

You will therefore recognize: the Popes Palace, the Place du Palais, the Pont Saint Benezet, the Museum of the Petit Palais, the Rhône, Notre-Dame des Doms…

-> Learn more about this drone service in Avignon (in french)


Showreel 2013

Showreel Drone-Pictures 2013: best-of of our drone shootings in Provence and Normandy.

Note that we have not included in this version the images shot for the TV film of France 3/Pampa prod La Vallée des Mensonges because it will only be broadcast in early summer 2013.

Spécial Tourism & Heritage 2013

(please be indulgent with our images, we were at the technical beginnings of drones)

Video clip bringing together a selection of images made with our drones with tourism and architectural heritage as a common point. Audiovisual demonstration of what the drone can bring to the tourist enhancement of a city, site, monument, activity or region.

Shot in 2012 and 2013 in France, between Corsica, Burgundy, Marseille, Provence, the Côte d’Azur, you will recognize the following places (in order of assembly):

Notre Dame de la Garde (La Bonne-Mère) – Marseille; La Vesse; Calanque de Port-Miou – Cassis; Blés verts – Manosque; Aqueduc de Roquefavour – Ventabren; Village de Séguret; Vieux-Port and Fort Saint-Jean – Marseille; Notre-Dame de Beauregard – Orgon; Fields of fine lavender – Lagarde d’Apt; Le Rhône – Rochemaure; Dentelles de Montmirail; Château de Rully – Rully; Church of Tournes; Cap Canaille – Cassis; Camping – Puget-Théniers; Camping – Aléria; Fishermen on the Canal de Caronte – Martigues; Rapides sur la Durance – Pertuis; Montagne Sainte-Victoire – Puyloubier; Vineyards in autumn – Ollières; Building Le Simona – Monaco; Sailboat Off Bandol

Showreel 2012

Video Trailer bringing together the most spectacular and various sequences shot for our customers with our drones in Provence and Burgundy. Includes the images made for France 3 show “Des Racines et des Ailes” special Marseille 2013, broadcast on March 27, 2013 with: Martigues, Canal de Caronte, Pont-rail tournant, Calen de Martigues, Savonnerie Marius Fabre, Boues rouges de Vitrolles…

First Drone-Pictures Teaser

As it was necessary to get started, here is the very first editing of video images made with a drone in Provence and Marseille by Drone-Pictures with our multi-rotors showing the very varied possibilities of this unprecedented aerial shooting tool. Let’s admit that we were not very sure of ourselves at that time and that the images are not the ones that serve us best! 😉

At the controls of the drone, pilot Bruno Thorigny, in the images cameraman/photographer Sami Sarkis.

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