Drone Video "Sublime Marseille - Opus 3 - Unreleased"

Discover a unique Marseille, seen from the sky from our drones, with this new episode of our Sublime Marseille series !

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January 2024: Seven years after the second Opus, here is finally the 3rd part of our Sublime Marseille series launched in 2016 dedicated to Marseille fans, wherever they are on Earth!


For the New Year, the Drone-Pictures team has finally taken the time to draw on its considerable stocks of aerial images shot during many drone services in Marseille !

With this Opus 3, we offer you the beauty of a city that fascinates us, and that we actually fell in love with more than 30 years ago. We know that we are not alone and that this aerial visual ode to the most beautiful city in France (for the least!), will not go unnoticed!

The director didn’t want to create a binding thread, giving himself the freedom to edit the shots like a walker eager to discover the new angles of a sprawling city, with multiple faces and indescribable beauty, whatever the angle of view! Because this time, we are going to show you dozens of neighborhoods, of course we are still far from having covered the 111 that make up Marseille, but we are getting closer little by little with an overflight of 14 of the 16 districts of Marseille (see the exhaustive list below).



Marseille is all about Sea, seen from everywhere! 

For us, seen from our drones, Marseille is first and foremost the Sea, on all sides ! It is also the ports, the sun, the hills, the ships, the islands, the Vélodrome, the squares, the roundabouts, the village centers, the building blocks (often ugly), the towers, the roofs of red tiles, cities, residential areas, suburban areas, bastides in the countryside, parks, highways in the city, incredible perspectives, universities, and of course the Old Port, the Pharo, the Panier and the one that we see everywhere, the sublime Bonne-Mère perched on its extraordinary hill !


Aerial tour of Marseille in 90 shots !

With this new video montage from Sublime Marseille, enjoy as much as we do by watching, and rewatching, this five-minute clip full of 90 shots from our drone rushes filmed between May 2016 and the end of 2023 and carefully selected from the thousands of drone shots that we have carefully kept on our hard drives for so many years!

The selection from these seven years of aerial filming (between 2017 and 2023) is so abundant that we are sure to have material for a future Opus 4, but shush, we didn’t tell you anything! …

The music and some ambient sounds were carefully chosen and matched to the images. Don’t hesitate to turn the sound up to really enjoy it!

In terms of listing the places, after hesitating for a long time, Sami Sarkis preferred to give priority to the image rather than cluttering it with text indicating in each shot the name of the site, the district or the monument, also starting from the following postulate: 

  • most people from Marseille will recognize all the places they fly over, or almost
  • those who know the city at all will have fun finding the names

And for all those curious/loving/passionate about Marseille, or for those who just want to check their knowledge of our Marseille city, we have gathered in the gallery below – in chronological order of appearance – the precise description of each shot accompanied by a photo from the clip with its timecode! (gallery not displayed on smartphones)


Enjoy, and please give us feedback on our Facebook Sublime Marseille page, or via our social networks. We love it!


Please note, if sharing is authorized, our images are for sale via HOsiHO image bank and are therefore not free of rights. Please constact us before any reuse in any another project.


Gallery of sites and monuments appearing chronologically in Sublime Marseille – Opus 3

(Hover over the photo to read the precise description. Click to enlarge)


01 – Timecode 00-16-03 – Stade Orange Vélodrome, Marseille 8ème

02 – Timecode 00-21-26 – Université Aix-Marseille à Saint-Charles, Marseille 1er

03 – Timecode 00-28-06 – Eglise des Réformés vues depuis la gare Saint-Charles, Marseille 1er

04 – Timecode 00-28-35 – Escalier monumental de la gare Saint-Charles, Marseille 1er

05 – Timecode 00-31-07 – Tour La Marseillaise, Autoroute A55, bd de Paris, quartier Euromed, Marseille 2ème

06 – Timecode 00-33-33 – Les Tours La Marseillaise (à gauche) et CMA-CGM (à droite) et le GPMM et l’Estaque au fond, Marseille 2ème

07 – Timecode 00-37-01 – Préfecture des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille 6ème

08 – Timecode 00-37-41 – Palais de Justice et place Montyon, Marseille 6ème

09 – Timecode 00-40-11 – Cours Pierre Puget (en bas à droite le Tribunal Judiciaire), Marseille 6ème

10 – Timecode 00-42-13 – Cours d’Estienne d’Orves, Marseille 1er

11 – Timecode 00-45-18 – Centre La Vieille Charité au cœur du Panier, le plus vieux quartier de la ville, Marseille 2ème

12 – Timecode 00-49-06 – Parc Borély, Marseille 8ème

13 – Timecode 00-54-12 – Cathédrale de La Major, Marseille 2ème

14 – Timecode 00-55-43 – Porte d’Aix, Arc de Triomphe et le Conseil régional de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (à gauche), Marseille 3ème

15 – Timecode 00-57-48 – Le début de la Corniche JFK, aux Catalans, vue depuis Le Pharo, Marseille 7ème

16 – Timecode 00-59-48 – Palais du Pharo de nuit, Marseille 7ème

17 – Timecode 01-02-32 – Les plages du Prado de nuit pendant le Delta Festival, Marseille 8ème

18 – Timecode 01-08-05 – Flotte de bateaux Silversea au Terminal Croisières du Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM)

19 – Timecode 01-16-00 – Arrivée au lever du jour d’un ferry-boat de Corsica Ferries au Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM)

20 – Timecode 01-24-25 – Ancien Silo à sucre, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM)

21 – Timecode 01-30-26 – L’Estaque, front de mer et marina, Marseille 16ème

22 – Timecode 01-36-23 – Jardins et Fortin de Corbières, Marseille 16ème

23 – Timecode 01-41-45 – Quartier du Dôme avec le bâtiment du Conseil Général Bouches-du-Rhône (en bleu), Marseille 4ème

24 – Timecode 01-46-18 – Place Sadi-Carnot et rue de la République allant au Vieux-Port, Marseille 1er

25 – Timecode 01-52-02 – Vue vers la mer depuis le quartier des Chutes-Lavie, Marseille 4ème

26 – Timecode 01-54-42 – Panorama sur la ville depuis le quartier des Chutes-Lavie avec au premier plan la maison de retraite des Petites Soeurs des Pauvres, Marseille 4ème

27 – Timecode 01-57-18 – Vue depuis les Chutes-Lavie du Stade Vélodrome, des tours de la Cité du Roy d’Espagne avec les collines des calanques, Marseille 4ème

28 – Timecode 02-11-15 – Place Castellane, Marseille 6ème

29 – Timecode 02-13-18 – Rond-Point du Prado et bd Michelet depuis le stade Vélodrome, Marseille 8ème

30 – Timecode 02-17-26 – Quartier Saint-Giniez et bd Michelet depuis le stade Vélodrome, Marseille 8ème

31 – Timecode 02-19-08 – Quartier Saint-André, Marseille 16ème

32 – Timecode 02-21-05 – Cité Consolat, et sur les hauteurs, Lycée Saint-Exupéry, Marseille 15ème

33 – Timecode 02-25-15 – Quartier La Calade, Résidences du Cap-Janet (au fond) et Madrague-Ville (à droite), Marseille 15ème

34 – Timecode 02-27-29 – Site ferroviaire du Canet, Marseille 14ème

35 – Timecode 02-30-01 – Faisceau SNCF d’Arenc, Bd des bassins de Radoub, Marseille 2ème

36 – Timecode 02-33-17 – Quartier Bon Secours depuis la Traverse de Gibraltar, Marseille 14ème

37 – Timecode 02-37-19 – Arrivée du Don du Vent à l’entrée du Vieux-Port, Marseille 7ème

38 – Timecode 02-45-34 – Quartier du Panier avec le clocher de l’église Notre-Dame-des-Accoules et le dôme de la Vieille Charité (au second plan), Marseille 2ème

39 – Timecode 02-50-39 – Église Saint-Ferréol les Augustins, Vieux-Port, Marseille 1er

40 – Timecode 02-56-30 – Quartier du Roucas Blanc depuis la Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille 6ème

41 – Timecode 02-58-09 – Monument aux Morts – Armée d’Orient et Terres lointaines, Marseille 7ème

42 – Timecode 03-05-32 – Tour de l’Ile Pomègues, Îles du Frioul, Marseille 7ème

43 – Timecode 03-09-33 – Perspective sur le château d’IF, depuis Pomègues, Îles du Frioul, Marseille 7ème

44 – Timecode 03-17-20 – Île Pomègues depuis la calanque de L’Escondelle, Îles du Frioul, Marseille 7ème

45 – Timecode 03-22-28 – Rue des Crottes, Quartier Saint-Marcel, Marseille 11ème

46 – Timecode 03-28-00 – Quartier de la Cabucelle, Bd Capitaine Gèze, Marseille 14ème

47 – Timecode 03-28-48 – Quartier Saint-Loup et A50 vu depuis le stade Saint-Loup, Marseille 10ème

48 – Timecode 03-35-25 – Quartier du Merlan vu depuis le stade Saint-Jérôme, Marseille 14ème

49 – Timecode 03-43-45 – Immeubles Smartseille (à droite), le quartier Les Crottes et le GPMM, Marseille 15ème

50 – Timecode 03-46-45 – Quartier de la Pointe-Rouge depuis l’École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), Marseille 14ème

51 – Timecode 03-50-45 – Obélisque et Rond-Point de Mazargues, et Bd Michelet Marseille 9ème

52 – Timecode 03-55-40 – Jardin et bastide de la Magalone, Marseille 9ème

53 – Timecode 03-59-40 – Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier, Marseille 8ème

54 – Timecode 04-02-20 – Les toits de Marseille depuis la place Jean Jaurès, avec l’église des Réformés, la Canebière, la gare, Marseille 5ème

55 – Timecode 04-08-20 – Bd Longchamps depuis le Palais Longchamps, Marseille 1er

56 – Timecode 04-20-20 – Colline de Notre-Dame de la Garde vue depuis la mer, Marseille 6ème

57 – Timecode 04-22-20 – Vierge à l’Enfant avec l’ile Maïre, Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille 6ème

58 – Timecode 04-29-35 – Vierge à l’Enfant, Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille 6ème









See or rewatch our drone videos entirely dedicated to Marseille!


In the meantime, the next episodes, there are the first two opuses of Sublime Marseille, but there is also this little film made during confinement – Silence, Marseille Confine – and a video montage of some of our most beautiful images of the Bonne-Mère, the Vélodrome stadium and the Pharo to welcome Pope Francis in September 2023.


Sublime Marseille (Opus 1)

First Opus of Sublime Marseille – February 2016.

At the release of this first episode of Sublime Marseille, the clip totaled more than 100,000 views on all our social networks! Suffice to say that it boosted us well for the rest of the year!

This first opus is a compilation of our production of 4K aerial images made since the end of 2015 on the monuments and essential sites of the Phocaean city. A project of our own initiative and which will lead to the exhaustive shooting of all neighborhoods, and in all seasons. This shooting will take place throughout 2016. These unique images of illustration of the new trendy tourist destination that Marseille has become, are produced for the HOsiHO collection, the World seen from above, a platform from which it is possible to acquire these sequences for commercial or editorial use.

Sublime Marseille (Opus 2)

Here is the second part of our aerial production in Marseille seen by our drones, shot in 4K between February 2016 and April 2017 and put online in May 2017!

This time it is a question of discovering from above, from sunrise to sunset, part of the sumptuous maritime facade of Marseille, on the Mediterranean sea side: from the port of the Goudes, to the Estaque, via the islands of Friuli, the Corniche Kennedy, the Catalans, the Palais du Pharo, the Prado and its beaches as well as the GPMM, in other words the autonomous port of the city and its offshore dike!

Ready to drop the moorings?!

-> Learn more about this production (in french)


Welcome to Marseille Pope Francis!

 See how our city is Sublime with our video postcard!

We (re)released our most beautiful drone images of the Good Mother, the Vélodrome stadium and the Pharo to welcome Pope Francis. So many sites where he visited on 22 & 23/09/2023 and that we so often flew over to film them by drone.

So, on this occasion, more than ever, Marseille rhymes with Belle, Soleil and Spirituelle!

And we’re showing it with this video!

-> Learn more

Silence, Marseille Under Lockdown!

Covid hits the entire planet in 2020. Rather than undergoing lockdown, we decide to make images of our city. Thus, this moving and touching film was born. We dedicate it, again and again, to people who, every day, are on the front line, taking risks to treat us and run this city, which even in slow motion, remains no less beautiful in many aspects.

Drone-Pictures has surveyed Marseille, from the city center to the Prado beaches, since the beginning of the lockdown, striking day after day, on the ground and in the air, empty squares, fluid highways, closed shopping centers, streets and avenues usually crowded, now almost deserted.

Time is as if suspended. These images are chilling, like the way out of a bad movie. But, and this is all the paradox, they are beautiful, striking, and sublimated by an insolent spring light. As if to taunt the confined Humans that we were then.

An invisible virus has turned the World upside down. Like others, we wanted to keep a visual record of his passage over our city. For those who can’t see it this way. For the record, because these moments are undeniably historical. See all the images related to Covid19 on HOsiHO.

-> Diary in pictures of the lockdown in Marseille

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