Video Welcome Pope Francis to Marseille!

Bienvenue à Marseille au Pape François - Drone Pictures

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A visit by the Pope to Marseille is historical.
So we, the first drone operator to set up in Marseille in 2011, wanted to mark the occasion and welcome Pope Francis.
We’re doing it with our hearts and with our resources, in other words with our aerial images!
So here’s a video postcard of Marseille to show the Pope how sublime and happy our city is to welcome him in September 2023!



We’ve (re)released our best drone images of the Bonne-Mère, the Stade Vélodrome and the Pharo. Some of them were shot at events such as the Velodrome in February 2023, where the Pope will be celebrating mass in front of 60,000 faithful. Others were filmed on our initiative, such as the Old Port and the Palais du Pharo, where the Rencontres Méditerranéennes are taking place and which the Pope is attending.


Aerial view by drone of Notre-Dame-de-la-garde hill and the city of Marseille – © Drone-pictures.com



As for Notre-Dame-de-la-garde, most of the shots were filmed during the various city lockdowns in 2020, with special authorisation from its rector, Father Spinosa.
We know that these images show a partial and advantageous view of our city, and that many districts are not as beautiful and attractive. Nor have we forgotten the deaths linked to drug trafficking or the city’s bad reputation, but doesn’t Marseille deserve to be in the headlines for its many positive aspects? We think so.






Aerial view of the Stade Vélodrome by drone in 360° sphere at sunset, Marseille – © Drone-pictures.com

Finally, let’s take advantage of this post, and of the Rencontres Méditerranéennes, to spare a thought for the victims of the floods in Libya, the earthquake in Morocco and the fires in Greece. In the hope that these disasters will remain exceptional.
NB: Our images are not free of rights. To get a licence for using/reproducing them in your projects, please check HOsiHO.com aerial image bank.

Aerial view by drone of the statue of the Virgin and Child of Notre-Dame-de-la-garde overlooking the city of Marseille at sunset – © Drone-pictures.com


Aerial view by drone of the Palais du Pharo illuminated at dusk, Marseille – © Drone-pictures.com

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