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Real estate and construction site monitoring by drone

Drone-Pictures offers a wide range of aerial and ground-based services in the fields of architecture, real estate, public works and construction. Our aerial resources, coupled with our ground resources, enable us to meet the various demands of the sector, from the private individual to the major construction company. Non-exhaustive overview of the applications we offer.

Architecture and real estate

Architecture and real estate development: take the drone advantage!

Unique views and angles, ease of use and speed of intervention make the drone a real advantage for architects and property developers: before, during and after launching operations. All this from 400 euros.

Here are some examples of what our civilian drones can do in this area:

• Presentation of projects at a competition: insertion of your 3D rendering on aerial images (photo or video)
• 180° or 360° panoramas of each floor of the future building
• Impact study of the project in relation to the existing environment
• Presentation or archive photographs and video for completed programmes, before delivery

Site monitoring

Construction site monitoring: what could be better than a drone and timelapse?

From demolition to the development of the land, from earthworks to the erection of cranes, from the first foundations to the first walls, from the noria of lorries to that of materials, from the carcass to the finishing touches, the drone will know how to position itself in the best possible way according to each stage, favouring the most beautiful angles and looking for the most representative details of the progress of your work.

Complemented by timelapses (interval meters) at key moments in the life of the site, ground views as a counterpoint to the views from the air, the whole body of images will give a lively and dynamic film, visually retracing the highlights of your operation. (price according to complexity, on quotation, see our page dedicated to the Production of short films based on drone and ground images)

Real estate valuation

Real estate by drone, to better value a property!

Whether you are an individual or an estate agent, if you wish to sell your property quickly and better, we can offer you a dynamic presentation of your property with our all-inclusive package, the “House for sale”.

It consists in taking aerial photos and videos, with interior and exterior ground views, assembled in a short and striking montage, thus forming a real virtual visit capable of easily presenting the main advantages of the place.

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