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Overview of the main videos created and produced by Drone-Pictures teams

Films and videos produced in 2024

In 2024, we are continuing – more than ever – to receive customer requests to make films using ground and drone images, which we produce entirely in-house, because we have the skills, the experience and, of course, the equipment – drones, cameras, microphones and all the accessories needed for these shoots.

In fact, Drone-Pictures owns all the equipment needed for this type of audiovisual production, combining aerial shots by drone with images from the ground.

Our main advantage is the availability of equipment and, above all, our ability to keep costs under control (with a drone service pricing calculated to the absolute minimum).

NB: to see all the reports and videos we’ve produced, there’s nothing better than watching them directly on our Vimeo channel


February 2024: video produced for MTI Groupe / AlvaElec, a solar panel installer, near Marseille.

Equipment used: Drone Mavic 3 pro and a GoPro11 on a stand for the 2-hour timelapse.



March 2024: Video made 100% by drone, for the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône and the company SBS, during the extension and restructuring works at the Collège Gilbert Rastoin in Cassis. The aim was to film the new metal framework before it was covered.
Equipment used: Only the Mavic 3 Pro was used for the occasion, mainly the 24 and 70mm lenses.

March 2024: Film made for ECOLEX at the Grand-Port Maritime de Marseille, during the removal of asbestos from the Sugar Silo.

The sugar silo will be converted into a data centre by Digital Realty in 2026. Demolition work, followed by reconstruction, is under way and is clearly visible from the A55 motorway.

Equipment used: Only the Mavic 3 Pro was used for the occasion, at all focal lengths of 24, 70 and 160mm, which enabled the operators to be filmed safely without taking any risks, while still recording close-ups.

-> More information on this production

April 2024: Corporate film made in the bowels of Marseille Provence Airport about the new baggage handling system installed by Alstef Group.Equipment used: Sony FX3 and Sony A7IV cameras, GoPro11, Ronin S2, Sennheiser microphone and headphones for the interview, no drone (drone images in stockshots).


Mavic 3 Pro en vol BA115-Février 2024_redimensionner

February & May 2024: two films produced in Orange, at the request of the Vinci/Travaux du Midi Group, on drone and ground monitoring of the progress of work carried out since December 2022 at the Orange-Caritat air base in the Vaucluse. To relay our productions submitted to our client on behalf of the French Air Force, we have to wait for them to be broadcast by the SGA of the Ministry of the Armed Forces on their Youtube channel. To date, only our 1st film from December 2022 is public.

For 2024, here is a photo of the drone flying inside a building in mid-February. These films are shot approximately every 2 to 3 months with the Mavic 3 Pro, the Sony FX3, the Insta360 RSOne Inch and the Gopro11.

-> More information and images on this project

April/May 2024: Corporate report produced for the company Surschiste on Loïc Danest, its technical director, chosen by Paris 2024 to be one of the bearers of the Olympic Flame when it arrives in Marseille in May. The film begins with a portrait of Loïc’s professional life, his voluntary activities and his values, and ends on D-Day on the Prado, 9 May 2024, when Loïc takes part in the big day when the flame is carried through Marseille.

The three shootings – by drone and on the ground – took place in Meyreuil, La Ciotat and Marseille, in the Bouches-du-Rhône region.

Equipment used: Sony FX3 and Sony A7IV cameras, GoPro11, Ronin S2, Sennheiser microphone and headphones for interviews, Insta 360 camera, Mavic 3 Pro drone + drone images in stockshots on HOsiHO

-> More info and photos on the arrival of the Olympic Flame in Marseille


March/May 2024: for SNCF Réseau Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, we produced a new film on the seeding of the Cannes Marchandises beam tracks.

Equipment used: Sony FX3, A7IV and GoPro11 ground cameras (for the timelapse), Ronin S2 stabiliser, Sennheiser microphone and headphones for the interviews, Mavic 3 Pro drone.


May 2024: Video shot in May 2024 for the Bouches-du-Rhône department, using only a drone, with an Insta360 camera installed underneath for some flights. Film shot during work on the future Aix – La Torse Fire and Rescue Centre, for the Department 13 Fire Brigade. The aim was to show the progress of the works.

Equipment used:Only the Mavic 3 Pro was used for the occasion, mainly the 24 and 70mm lenses. The 360 camera was used for the intro and end shots of the clip (Little Planet effect).

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