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Drone-Pictures, 13 years servicing creativity assisted by drones, in Marseille and Provence

Drone images are often used because they are eye-catching and immediately enhance your audiovisual projects and your communication.
Why not incorporate it in your next production?

About Drone Photography in Marseille and Provence

Drone Pictures : your Drone Operator for South of France

With Drone Pictures, you call upon a civilian drone operator, established since 2011 in Marseille, guaranteeing a high quality creative work. Our video productions and audiovisual services by drone, as well as our numerous clients, attest to our seriousness and our enthusiasm to always serve you better!

Aerial photography: why use Drone-Pictures?

Aerial images immediately attracts the eye. It's a powerful vector of dynamism, creativity and enhancement for a project. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, video is a truly effective communication medium that makes it very easy to see the message.
In these times, the role of video is moving with society. People want exceptional, intense, stunning images. The image is no longer just a means of communication: it's now a true immersive event. In this context, techniques are also evolving. From dull images with boring shots, we have moved on to 8k videos, full of colours, details and dynamic. The originality and aesthetics of the image become essential to support a message.
What is better than a video that takes a bold, high profile approach?
At Drone-Pictures, this is exactly what we do the best!
Do you need quality aerial images to promote a message, a project, a product or an idea?
Here are the reasons to call on our company Drone-Pictures, operating in Marseille and throughout Provence.

Drone Marseille
The proof by the image


A range of skills

Human and technical resources

Professional pilots at your service

Filming a landscape, a building, or an event from above allows you to sublimate a message. The advantage of drones is to achieve beautiful and dynamic aerial views. 
This unmanned aircraft, equipped with a camera, is the most efficient and economical way to film from a height of up to 120 m.
But flying a drone is not improvised. Stabilising the device, managing the GPS, piloting with precision and smoothness for perfect images (tracking, panning, vertigo effect...), avoiding obstacles, mastering the various flight operations: all this requires a thorough knowledge of the aircfraft and real dexterity. This is important to make a quality video, but it's also important for the safety of the sites or people in the drone's flight perimeter.
Our pilots are experienced professionals. They are certified to fly drones. In addition, we are registered as a drone operator with the DGAC and are covered by professional liability insurance.

Professional Drone Operator

Based in Marseille and registered as a Drone Operator with the DGAC under the number ED85 and holder of a compulsory insurance policy in Professional Civil Liability with AXA.

Audiovisual Production

We also ensure the audiovisual production of your videos by producing short films, reports and clips based on mixed, aerial and ground images.

Drone Fleet

Five Drones equipped with 4K, 5K and 6K cameras, all authorized to fly in urban or rural areas (S1, S2 and S3 french DGAC scenarios) and thus covering all your aerial shooting requirements.

Our Team

A motivated team of cameramen and drone pilots with very experience and highly creatives. Our professional drone cameramen and UAV pilots are first and foremost talented, responsive, enthusiastic, and passionate. Most of them have been in the audiovisual business for 10 to 30 years, and are never short of creative ideas!

Technical Solutions

Our pilots will always have technical solutions to propose to you, whatever your request and your budget without compromising the quality of the final result.

An Innovative High-Tek Offer

We offer a wide range of innovative creative and technical services, such as Live Streaming by drone, Aerial Video in VR360°, the Air quality measurements by drone and Aerial Gigapanoramas photos.

Professional quality drones

Taking aerial shots such as video from a helicopter or plane is expensive. Drones make it possible to film at an affordable price. In addition, some images are not feasible from an airplane, such as going under a bridge or getting very close to the subject. However, buying a quality drone can be quite expensive. And how do you know which drone to buy?
At Drone-Pictures we have a fleet of professional quality drones. As the technology in this field is evolving, we update our fleet with each major tek advance. Drones are perfectly adapted to professional photography and filming. Our UAVs can be adapted to different environments. All our drones are allowed to fly in urban areas and approved for this by the french civil aviation authority (DGAC). Of course, they are also perfect for filming landscapes and are fine to fly in unpopulated areas such as riral zones. So, we will always have the right drone for you!
In addition to the drones, the cameras they carry must be of impeccable quality. We are able to film from simple HD to 6K video with our Zenmuse X7 Raw/ProRes. Photography is not to be outdone, as we can take 20 to 24 Mpix stills.

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Our aerial & drone stock images of Marseille and Provence are exclusively on sale via

HOsiHO, aerial video bank !

Drone Provence


Artistically and technically


Team reactive and totally involved

Budget control

Calculated as fairly as possible and detailed

Duty to advice

Images made in accordance with the existing rules

Guidance and Idea

Tailor-made creations and solutions

Satisfaction garanteed

Satisfied customers for 10 years


Artistically and technically


Team reactive and totally involved

Budget control

Calculated as fairly as possible and detailed

Duty to advice

Images made in accordance with the existing rules

Guidance and Idea

Tailor-made creations and solutions

Satisfaction garanteed

Satisfied customers for 10 years

A relationship based on trust

Our commitments


Our motto: all our aerial and ground services are of high quality, both artistically and technically. It is as simple as that!

Efficiency & Reactivity

Our team is motivated, very reactive and totally involved in your shootings and projects, from the first to the last stage.

Budget Under Control

Our rates for drone services or for corporate film production, with aerial and/or ground shots, are detailed, reasonable and calculated as fairly as possible, taking into account our experience and expertise.

Duty to Advise

The use of drone photography in France is strongly regulated by the legislator. For a remotely piloted aircraft evolving in an airspace it is more and more complicated to know how and where to fly it legally. This is where our duty of advice and our pedagogy will make the difference: to ensure you images made in accordance with the existing rules (see our DroneFAQ#06)

Guidance and Ideas

Because the possibilities offered by our flying cameras are almost unlimited, we are never short of creative ideas or technical solutions to propose. Our equipment is of the latest generation, and the team is always involved with you with the sole purpose of satisfying you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed !

We are proud that we have never disappointed our customers in over ten years. We are always committed to doing everything possible - within the regulatory and technical limits - to serve you with images that are exactly what you expect. Excellence is our credo!

Ready to work with us ?

Drone pilots in Marseille and Provence for projects all around France!

Our company is based in the South of France, in the centre of Marseille. We know the area very well, so we can produce the creative and innovative video you need. We are available for projects in Provence, but not only! Attracted by our experience and professionalism, our clients call on us for audiovisual services everywhere in France!

Our company Drone-Pictures adapts to all your projects

Communication agency, industrialist, building professional, TV channels and film producers: whatever your business, we will adapt our know-how to your requirements. Do you need a report on a natural or urban location? A short film with aesthetic images of landscapes? A detailed video of a building site or a construction? A live streaming from the drone to your own website? An aerial view to follow a car rally? Drone shots for your feauture film or TV series?
Call on our drone pilots in Provence and Marseille: our offer will satisfy many projects!

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They trusted us

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Since our beginnings, in 2011, the renewed confidence of our customers obliges us to never disappoint them, always renew, improve and find the formula that will suit. By listening to your needs, and on the lookout for the latest technologies, we have won over many French and international companies (Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy). Why not join them by entrusting us with your next aerial imaging projects?

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HOsiHO drone Network

Drone-Pictures is member of the HOsiHO Drone Network in Marseille and Provence, Southern France forthe following departments:

• 13 – Drone Bouches-du-Rhône – Drone Aix-en-Provence

• 06 – Drone Alpes-Maritimes

• 83 – Drone Var

• 84 – Drone AvignonDrone Vaucluse

• 04 – Drone Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

• 05 – Drone Hautes-Alpes

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