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Film and report production based on drone & ground footage

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A complete package

A complete package, we produce your film from A to Z

Thanks to the trust that our numerous and faithful customers have shown us throughout the last ten years, we have extended our services to the production of short films based on aerial and ground images, with a mix of various techniques such as timelapse, hyperlapse or VR360. Here are some examples of films we have produced and directed for CMA-CGMEOLFILDCT/DécathlonSEA-InvestARTLab CharlevalSNCF RéseauQuiet-OceansEden-Boat, le Château de Chenonceau, OXY-SignalétiqueSNCF/NGE,  Domaine viticole de la BégudeGroupe GenreITER OrganizationSalon TOP-TransportFOST/TotalEnergies, INEO/EquansV2O Marine, … (more videos on our Vimeo channel)

Hence, Drone-Pictures, an aerial and drone service and audiovisual production company, offers you the making of your corporate film, your activity, event, product or touristic destination presentation film. Whatever the objective of your audiovisual communication, the important thing is to tell a story that goes hand in hand with your communication strategies and that uses innovative techniques such as aerial filming by drone, timelapse/hyperlapse, VR360, always combined with classic but dynamic ground shots!

Our Workflow

Our Workflow, a simple process

We intervene from A to Z when you entrust us with the production of your corporate video. Whether it is modest or ambitious, we know how to adapt and our offer is flexible to fit your needs and your budget!

Music video clip or aerial video greeting card, report on a remarkable current event, or prestigious film, we will be pleased to accompany you at all stages of this audiovisual production, as a unique interlocutor:

• Conception, writing of the synopsis and realization

• Mixed shooting by drone and on the ground, with option timelapse, hyperlapse, crane, …

• Post-Production: Editing; Calibration; Special Effects; Titling; Audio Mixing, Graphic Design …

It is first of all a question of listening to you, understanding your activity, your objective and then offering you our ideas and solutions for digital communication through moving images.

If you validate them, we will put a price tag on them and you will decide. We will then go and capture those images you dream of, those that will impress your customers, suppliers, partners and collaborators.

All sectors are concerned: from the locally anchored SME, to the world leader in maritime transport, through the wine estate, the shooting club, the amusement park, the gîte, the camping site, the hotel complex, the automobile distributor, the atypical profession, the industrial site, the large law firm, or soon, you!

For an Internet webcast, we strongly recommend a short clip and never longer than 2 minutes. It is up to us to fit all the messages to be transmitted in this short format, in a punchy, dynamic and innovative way!

The short film is primarily designed for online distribution, via your website, YouTube, Vimeo and your social networks.

It is fundamental that it is not long, knowing that after the first minute the “online” viewer dropout rate is massive.

If your audience is international, an English version is to be provided, in addition to a French version or not.

Always give preference to text over voice, because Google and Youtube algorithms can now “decrypt” text to image and use it to reference your promotional or presentation video.

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Which budget?

The budget issue

We can easily imagine that you would like to know how much the production of the films we present on this page can cost in order to quickly project you in the order of yours?

Well, let’s talk about figures: in terms of audiovisual production, there is no maximum: neither in terms of budget, ideas, or even time!

There is, however, a minimum below which we cannot intervene to ensure a quality product. According to us, the minimum budget to allocate to a good short film is between 1500 and 3000 euros HT. The limit then depends on what we are going to put in this film, the places, the means and the overall time that we will have to devote to it.

For a short film, the budgets vary between 1,500€ and more than 15,000€ HT.

Our minimal package

What is included

To be complete on the minimum package that we recommend, here is what it includes, excluding travel expenses:

• 1/2 day of mixed aerial/ground filming on a single site : 4 hours of aerial shooting by drone, and on the ground/indoors in your premises or site …

• 1 day of editing for the BAT version (good to shoot) lasting about one minute (max 90 sec)

• 1/2 day editing/modification of the final version and delivery in HD and 4K video

• Musical rights “royalty free” included (exclusively among the pieces we offer)

• Our Film Production Package, including the study of your needs by our director, our creative proposal, the validation of the 1st editing and its modification according to your remarks, the copyright for life, any support, any format, worldwide (exclusive license on the film).


What affects the final price

• A longer shooting time, therefore a longer editing time

• More human and/or technical means

• Duration of the edited video above 90 seconds

• Use of more famous musics

• Need to purchase stock images via an image bank

• Use of actors or extras

• Accessories renting for the shooting (e.g. vintage car, crane, etc.)

• Use of one or more voice-overs

• Development of graphic animations

• Multiple locations, travel distance, and/or administrative permits needed, etc…

But rest assured !

We always do our best to stick to your internal or external communication imperatives, and to offer you the best quality/price ratio, because in the end, only the result counts, whatever the time or the budget.

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