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Dronist Marseille, Call on Drone-Pictures !

Drone-Pictures : 100% Marseille based Drone operator !

Drone pictures is the 1st UAV operator installed in downtown Marseille, starting in 2011 and the second UAV operator registered in the Bouches-du-Rhône department of Southern France

What we put at your disposal :

• The know-how of a company based in Marseille, in the heart of Provence, in the South Region / PACA Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

• Pilots, dronists and cameramen living in Marseille and surroundings, close to your shootings.

• – Videographers and directors with over thirty years’ experience in the audiovisual industry (documentary and corporate films)

One of our Inspire 2 with the 6K Super35mm X7 sensor camera and the Laowa 9mm wide-angle lens

Our human and technical resources in Marseille

Equipment available for rental with certified DGAC drone pilots and experienced UAV cameramen

Our remote pilots are proficient in piloting all types of professional civilian UAVs, including DJI Inspire 2 dual-operator UAVs with X5S or X7 camera in ProRes Raw 6K, as well as Mavic 3 Cine & Mavic 3 Pro, the Avata, our mini FPV drone, and for technical inspections, Matrice range UAVs such as our Matrice 200.

Our cameramen know perfectly all our cameras, from the GoPros to our fabulous Sony FX3 & A7 IV, the Panasonic Lumix GH5, the Insta360 One RS 360 1 inch, Insta360 Pro 2 and of course the two drone cameras we own, the DJI Zenmuse X7, & X5s, along with the packs of nine Prime lenses.

Follow-up of the Don du Vent sailboat at sea off the islands of Frioul – July 2020 for The Explorers

Mission Drone : who does what ?

For nearly 10 years, we have been carrying out drone pilot missions in Provence for hundreds of clients as diverse as they are prestigious, both local and international. During these days of UAV shooting, whether with one, two or even three pilots, our team always takes charge of preparing the missions with the requests for authorization that this entails, and organizes the security of the evolution zone (exclusion of third parties on the ground in compliance with DGAC regulations related to the use of UAVs).

Under the direction of the director, or the customer, we fly the aircraft, according to its creative needs or technical imperatives. Our cameramen and cameraman are attentive to the needs of our customers, and are ready to take the necessary shots to produce images that will sublimate our city (see for example our clips Sublime Marseille, Opus 1 & 2, or our recent drone & ground video shot during the first city lockdown in April 2020.

Our UAV tele-operators therefore very often move to Marseille, a port city well known to sailors around the Mediterranean, to take aerial shots by UAV.
As it goes without saying, Drone-Pictures often receives requests to film the city’s emblem, namely the Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica, or Notre-Dame de la Major, both by the same architect, Espérandieu. Our drone flights often took us to the GPMM and to the foot of the CMA CGM Tower, as this aerial and timelapse production for the CMA-CGM company attests. Unmanned UAV flights over the Old Port are in high demand, as during our filming series for The Explorers in July 2020, where we tracked a boat by drone at sea at sunrise, namely the sailboat Don du Vent, a famous old rig, off the Friuli islands.

Remain the Calanques of Marseille and Cassis (yes, the National Park is so big): no request for overflight could lead to this day. Indeed it is imperative to obtain an exemption from the director of the park, because all overflights by all types of aircraft below 1000m is strictly prohibited in all national parks in France. And if a dronist claims the opposite, ask him for proof of his claims and, above all, don’t hesitate to consult the Park’s website on the subject of drones!

Our advantages

Our strengths for successful drone services in Marseille

•We live in Marseille and know the city like the back of our hand.

• Proximity to the islands of Frioul, the Camargue, the Verdon gorges and the countless sites and villages of Provence.

Management of all permits concerning UAV flights in France

No travel expenses for filming in Marseille

Six Professional DJI Drones, like our Inspire 2 drones and X7 + X5s cameras with a second identical drone to avoid any disappointment in case of technical problems. Drones approved by the DGAC in S1-S2-S3, equipped with a series of optics from 9 to 75mm (x1.5 for the equivalent in 35mm), ND filters from ND4 to ND16, 12 pairs of batteries and 4 chargers.

Experienced pilots who are used to flying by strong mistral (our local wind!), which allows you to get your drone images and not to shift your shooting in case of strong wind. See this example by gusting 70/80km/h at the Circuit Paul Ricard du Castellet.

Creative cameramen / videographers, specialists in aerial shooting by drone, helicopter, plane, andalso experts in terrestrial filming !

• A perfect knowledge of the best angles and times to grasp the quintessence of the Phocaean city

• A bilingual film crew, fluent in English, with good bases in Spanish and some in Arabic

• The guarantee of a successful drone shooting in Marseille, with no unpleasant surprises, all in good spirit and creative emulation between image professionals.

HOsiHO drone Network

Drone-Pictures, member of the HOsiHO Drone Network for excellent drone services in Marseille and in the Southern region

We are a founding member of a french drone pilot network because we are often asked to do video or photo missions far beyond the beautiful southern region we cherish. Drone Pictures is a member of a network of telepilots which allows us to centralize the talents of UAV professionals present everywhere in France, as close as possible to your filming sites. Thus, if you  ask for pictures of Paris, either we will send you directly to one of our colleagues living there or we will direct you to the site of the aerial image bank HOsiHO, the World from above, which is full of drone images of the French capital, as well as of the whole French territory, Europe and the world.

This allows us to be always ready to respond positively to your needs and to make you realize substantial savings on travel costs, while guaranteeing you the result because our colleagues are all labeled HOsiHO Drone Network, a guarantee of excellence in aerial imaging!

Drone-Pictures and the HOsiHO Drone Network, a pool of skills of UAV pilots and cameramen all over France and French overseas departments and territories

Drone-Pictures being based in Marseille, our reactivity is total, immediate, as for our effectiveness, it is simply formidable! Moreover, we can be a force of proposal during your sightings in the Bouches-du-Rhône, in Marseille, or in the other departments where we have so often the opportunity to fly, such as Avignon, Vaucluse, Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, Var and its magnificent landscapes like the Esterel and Saint-Raphaël.

Concerning our rates for drone services, they are homogeneous and aligned with those recommended by the HOsiHO Drone Network.

S1 S2 and S3 scenarios

Drone regulations:
3 types of scenarios for your drone shootings in Marseille and Bouches-du-Rhône

For all Drone shootings, Drone-Pictures strictly follows the DGAC regulations. This is not an option but a guarantee of your peace of mind, and of our durability as UAV professionals in the southern region.

These regulations describe 4 types of scenarios that can be activated during shootings using unmanned aircraft:


Scenario S1 concerns use outside populated areas, without flying over people, always within sight of the UAV pilot and at a maximum horizontal distance of 200 meters from the telepilot.


Scenario S2 establishes the conditions for use outside populated areas, without third parties on the ground in the zone of evolution, not meeting the criteria of scenario S1, at a maximum horizontal distance of one kilometer (1000m) from the telepilot and a maximum height of 50 meters.


The third scenario S3 concerns a use in populated areas and/or in built-up areas, always without overflying people on the ground, within sight of the UAV operator and at a maximum horizontal distance of 100 meters from the telepilot (the reference point is the take-off site, for this reason it is imperative to choose it carefully and stay there when the day comes)


Finally, scenario S4 describes a use outside populated areas that does not meet the criteria of scenarios S1, S2 and S3.

All scenarios are capped at a maximum height of 120 meters above ground level (as of January 2021, the date of entry into force of the new European regulation). For S4, the telepilot must have undergone specific training and hold at least an aircraft pilot’s license.

Our Drone Team

A solid team

Are you looking for a company specialized in aerial and ground video, with drone pilots or a welded and experienced duo in the Bouches-du-Rhône, for an advertising shoot, cinema, institutional films, music video or site monitoring?

Our Drone-Team made up of UAV professionals shoot in Marseille, Camargue, Alpilles, Côte Bleue and Provence of villages and cities. We master all issues related to UAV flights, regulations and audiovisual techniques, from shooting to editing. In addition, we have drone solutions for all budgets and turnkey mixed aerial and ground video production formulas.

We work for international shipping & cruising companies (Disney, Silver Sea, Carnival, Costa Cruises, CMA-CGM,  ITER, SNCF-Réseau, TotalEnergie), as well as for local companies such as We Are Content, Groupe Omnium, Monier, 123IMMO, INÉO/EQUANS, Groupe La Poste, or audiovisual producers, french and foreign television channels (NHK, Channel 4, BBC, NBS, ABC, etc.).

See our main customer references and this press article about our activities in Made In Marseille Blog (in french).

Discover our audiovisual productions by year : Showreels – 2023 – 20222021/2017

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