Production of a film for V2O Marine, using drone and ground images, in Marseille bay

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For Drone-Pictures, 2023 is clearly going to be the year of maritime pollution clean-up on board ships.
See our previous video production for FOST, a TotalEnergies subsidiary based in Vitrolles.

But lets talk now about V2O Marine, a young Marseille-based start-up, who assigned us to make a film about its innovation, a marine pollution control system called MPS11 (Marine Pollution Solution 11), which you can see in this aerial photo taken by drone and in our edited video : the system is towed by one or two boats. It collects all kinds of pollutants floating on the surface of the sea, making it easier to recover them aboard specialised clean-up vessels.


The MPS11 is 11 metres wide, and is in a sense a large floating funnel made up of sails. The waste it can recover includes plastic, hydrocarbons and even toxic algae. To find out more, see the V20 Marine website or these articles on Made In Marseille and Ouest-France, which used our images for illustration.


V20-Film presenting V2O Marine’s MPS11 marine pollution response system, produced by Drone-Pictures – June 2023





It all began in September 2021 when Rémi Allain, the CEO, contacted us to tell us about his invention and the need to make a drone film with interviews, showing the implementation of the det tool for collecting waste at sea. The environmental theme appealed to us straight away and the Drone-Pictures team quickly felt totally in tune with the ecological approach of the project and its inventor, who is also a naval engineer by training.




Just enough time to find the funding and launch the manufacture of a first prototype, and in January 2023 we’re off on board a boat belonging to the Marseille Port Authority’s boatmen, the GPMM, for the sea trials phase – an important moment of truth that we didn’t want to miss.




Rémi Allain and his partner, Laurent Atchekguezian, are feverish and attentive to the smallest details. In just a few minutes, the system will be deployed at the stern of the boat that will tow it. At that point, we’ll have to see if the computer projections are also true at sea! Our cameras and our Mavic 3 drone are there to capture the images of this important day for the young company.




The sea is slightly rough. A small swell of 50/70 cms caressed the edges of the MPS11 system.
As the boat moved along, the system finally settled into place, but not without a few minor adjustments and fine-tuning. The drone and onboard camera film everything. The V2O Marine team will use the footage to analyse the images and the behaviour of the system during the various phases, as well as launching a communication campaign aimed at the press, which will be very well received by F3, La Provence and various specialist newspapers and blogs. That’s what images are for: to get people talking!



A few months later, at the start of the Marseilles summer, we found ourselves on the quays of the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille, ready to film the sea demonstration of the fin prés system.

This time it will be towed, in turn, by one, then by two boats, in order to test the operation of an MPS11 in a river (the 2 boats will have to be replaced by banks).
Indeed, V2O Marine’s MPS11 can collect and channel all types of waste present on the surface of the water, making them much easier to collect by a dedicated clean-up boat.



Our aerial drone footage and interviews with the two directors on board and alongside the quayside enabled us to produce a video presenting this innovation in English with French subtitles. Rémi chose English because with this film he wanted to reach the market outside France.

Equipment used during this shooting:

Drone Mavic 3

Gopro11 au sol

Caméras Sony FX3 & A7IV (sol et interviews)

Caméra VR360 One RS 1inch Edition Insta360

In addition to the film that Drone-Pictures produced, here is a news report that the local french TV France 3 devoted to V2O Marine, using our drone and ground images shot in January 2023.



We’re particularly proud to have taken part in this fine eco-responsible project, which should go a long way towards cleaning up the world’s seas. At least that’s our hope, and that’s what we wish for Rémi and Laurent’s company, whom we thank once again for their confidence!

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Mavic 3 about to take-of from the second boat, Marseille bay – © Drone-Pictures

Aerial view of the MPS11 at sea with a boat during the testings, Côte Bleue, January 2023 – © Drone-Pictures


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