Silence, Marseilles Under Lockdown…

Silence, Marseilles Confine… Drone-Pictures

Drone & ground video Silence, Marseilles Under Lockdown…

We dedicate this film, to the people who, every day, are on the front line, taking risks to take care of us and keep this city running, which even in slow motion, is nonetheless magnificent in many ways. The proof, in pictures! Drone-Pictures has surveyed Marseilles, from the city centre to the Prado beaches, since the beginning of the containment, set up to counter the Coronavirus/Covid-19 epidemic, seizing day after day, on the ground and in the air, empty squares, fluid highways, closed shopping centres, streets and avenues usually crowded, now almost deserted. Time is as if suspended. These images are icy, like the output of a bad movie. But, and this is the paradox, they are beautiful, striking, and sublimated by an insolent spring light. As if to taunt the confined Humans we have become. An invisible virus has turned the world upside down. Like others, we wanted to keep a visual trace of its passage on our city. For those who can’t see it that way. For the record, because these moments are undeniably historic.
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