The advantages of drone videos for promoting your business

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The advantages of promotional videos with a drone


Welcome to all you artistic explorers and technology enthusiasts! We’re getting ready to dive into the fascinating unknown of drones and their innovative use in promotional videos. Together we’re going to sail through the varied ocean of types of video that can be made, and discover how these flying wonders can boost the economy and competitiveness. Finally, as in any good film, we’ll witness a grand finale – the impressive combination of drone and traditional cinematographic techniques. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an unforgettable visual journey.

The different types of promotional videos you can make with a drone

Have you ever considered the incredible potential of promotional videos made with a drone?

According to a study published in the Journal of Marketing Communications (2018), using drones to make promotional videos has a positive impact on consumers’ perception of the brand. We, as audiovisual experts, can say without reservation that it is a dynamic and professional tool that offers a multitude of scenarios to sublimate your business.

Firstly, a drone can capture spectacular aerial views, enabling a presentation to be made from an unprecedented angle. Consumers are totally immersed, and experience a sense of freedom and flight that would be difficult to achieve with traditional equipment.

What’s more, the drone’s ability to move gives it even more scope for movement, creating incomparable visual effects. It can follow a car, a person or a boat at a constant speed, glide smoothly over a panorama or perform low-level overflights, creating a sense of scale and perspective. This accentuates the professional aspect of the video content, making it lively and attractive.

Secondly, the drone opens the door to a world of creative video-making scenarios. It can fly over a property for sale, showing off every nook and cranny artistically, or capture a sporting performance, making the viewer part of the action.

As a result, incorporating drone footage into your promotional strategy can add a more captivating and immersive dimension to your brand. It’s an innovative way to stand out from the crowd and create content that stands out for its high level of authenticity and originality. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride this wave of dynamism and novelty to capture your audience’s attention.

Advantages of promotional videos made with a drone

Domination of the skies: the superiority of aerial shots

Imagine the visual impact of a wide shot capturing the immensity of a landscape, or the majesty of a landmark from every angle, presenting your product in an impressive, cinematic setting. This is where the drone comes in. Far from being a mere technological gadget, the drone has become an invaluable tool for making promotional videos. Flying high into the sky, the drone offers a unique aerial perspective, allowing you to showcase a place or a product in an extraordinary and completely different way.

Creative altitude: the originality and visual impact of images taken from height

A video shot from height not only offers an impressive panorama, it also enhances the originality of your visual content. A shot from a drone offers an innovative point of view that intrigues and captures the viewer’s attention. This originality imbues your video with a unique character that leaves a lasting impression. By using a drone for your promotional video, you connect it to an innovative, high-tech dynamic, which arouses greater interest among users.

Visual symphony: highlighting product features with creative shots

The drone offers more than just an aerial shot: it can also be used to create dynamic, creative shots that highlight the features and functions of your product. Whether you zoom out to reveal the majesty of your product set against an impressive landscape, or rotate 360 degrees to capture every detail, the drone gives you the freedom of movement to create bold, creative shots. A promotional video with such visual quality and cinematic movement brings your product to life, presenting it in a new and attractive light for viewers.


The economic benefits of making promotional videos with a drone

The era of drones is here to stay, and it’s bringing significant economic benefits to the production of promotional videos. Let’s explore these benefits together.

Lower costs

It’s essential to understand that drones represent a cost-effective alternative to traditional filming methods. While the use of heavy equipment, such as cranes or helicopters, comes with high rental and staffing costs, the technological tool that is the drone reduces these expenses drastically. Here are a few points to consider:

    • Fewer technical staff required
    • No heavy equipment rental costs
    • Relatively affordable purchase price for drones
    • Low additional insurance costs
    • Low maintenance costs

Adaptability of the drone

Using drones as part of your communications strategy not only increases profitability, but also the efficiency of your operations. Thanks to their compact size and manoeuvrability, drones can get into hard-to-reach places, providing unique angles of view for your promotional videos. Whether you need to capture images in the heart of a bustling metropolis or at the top of a remote mountain, a drone is the ideal tool for maximising your visibility.

Reduced production times

The rapid return on investment from using drones is another major benefit to consider. Thanks to their ease of use and rapid deployment, drones enable you to get your promotional videos into production quickly, which translates into a significant reduction in lead times. You can seize market opportunities in real time, while maintaining a high quality of audiovisual content.

Image reuse

Finally, one of the key advantages of aerial videos taken by drone is their versatility. The scenes captured can be reused at will in several communication media, increasing the overall value of each shot. This allows you to strengthen your promotional strategy, without incurring additional costs, and thus increase your return on investment.

In short, using drones to produce promotional videos is a real economic boon.

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The competitive advantages of promotional videos made with a drone

What makes your advertising market tick?

Have you ever wondered why some adverts stick in our memory, while others are quickly forgotten? It’s the distinctive and original power of a promotional video made with a drone that makes the difference. In a market saturated with classic, predictable ads, a bold, innovative promotional clip made with a drone offers a breath of fresh air and stands out from the competition. Aerial images captured by a drone add an extraordinary dimension to your advertising, offering viewers a unique and rewarding perspective that inspires the desire to explore further.

Bridging the gap between audience and brand

The digital world is upon us, ready to sweep us up in a whirlwind of information. A promotional video made with a drone is not just a simple announcement, it’s a story, a narrative that captivates the audience. Using a drone offers captivating, motion-based perspectives that establish an emotional connection between the viewer and the brand. It’s the perfect way to engage the audience, give them an impactful story and motivate them to interact with your brand.

A remarkable new perspective

Another major competitive advantage of using a drone for promotional videos is access to previously inaccessible angles of view. By opening the way to aerial shots, a drone offers a unique perspective that highlights the beauty of your brand’s unique products or services. Whether you want to show the scale of an event, the grandeur of a location, or the detail of a product, the drone is an unrivalled tool for capturing exceptional images that are often beyond the reach of traditional methods.

Modernised brand image

Using promotional videos by drone helps to create a modern, dynamic brand image. In today’s fast-paced world, having a cutting-edge look is essential to staying relevant and competitive. Promotional drone video is a powerful way of redefining your brand image and showing that you are a pioneer in your sector. It reinforces the image of a company that is at the forefront of the most innovative and technological trends.

Wider reach, greater impact

Finally, using drone videos for your promotion can extend your reach to a wider audience, thanks to the virality of online videos. Given the unique and captivating nature of these videos, they have the potential to be shared across multiple social media platforms, reaching an even wider audience. A well-crafted, impactful promotional video that offers a compelling visual experience is as likely to go viral as a traditional news note is likely to be forgotten.

So, are you ready to take your marketing to new heights by using the drone for innovative, original and captivating promotional videos?


Making films and reports using drone and ground-based images

There’s no denying that the art of making films and reports has taken on a whole new dimension with the use of drones. According to a study by Harvard Business Review in 2020, promotional videos made with a drone can make a brand more attractive and increase consumer interest with truly captivating and immersive footage.

One of the main advantages of drones is their ability to offer a multitude of shots and framings. Thanks to their elevated position in the air, these technological gems can capture angles inaccessible to a cameraman on the ground. Their aerial images, combined with those from the ground for a well-balanced diversification, offer unprecedented perspectives and capture the interest of viewers.

What’s more, the use of drones to produce promotional videos is making a major contribution to expanding the horizons of audiovisual production. We are no longer limited to a horizontal or vertical view. With drone filming, the viewer is literally propelled into a world where the angle is king, offering an extraordinary level of immersion.

And that’s not all! The use of drones also encourages the emergence of a new type of creativity. By navigating through the air, they push back the limits of the imagination, allowing film-makers to capture scenes in a way that has never been seen before. It’s not uncommon to see spectacular panoramas, dizzying overflights or impressive front-to-back zooms.

In short, we are in perfect harmony with the conclusions of the Harvard Business Review study.

Thanks to the introduction of drone filming in video production, brands can stand out from the crowd in a constantly evolving sector. So, tempted by a new perspective for your next promotional video?

If you’d like to find out more about making films and reports using drone and ground-based images, you can find out more by clicking here.


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