Drone filming at sea in La Ciotat for ARTE with Gérard Carrodano


By the end of June 2023, we’re still out at sea, on a boat, with our good old Mavic 3.

The mission was simple: to film Gérard Carrodano and his son setting larvae traps on the day.

For the TV program Regards on ARTE, directed by Ursula Duplantier and produced by the German production company SPIEGEL TV.

Aerial images taken with a Mavic 3 drone, 24mm and 160mm telephoto lens, in the Mediterranean Sea, under the sun!

Equipment used for this shooting 

Drone DJI Mavic 3

The episode of Regards, entitled Nurseries for fish – Re-populating the Mediterranean was broadcast on ARTE in September 2023
and is available for replay on Arte TV until September 2028. Enjoy!

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Interview of Gérard Carrodano by Ursula Duplantier


Shipyards from the sky –  La Ciotat


Old port and church of La Ciotat – aerial view by drone


Gérard Carrodano’s boat on its way to the site
Larvae traps dropped from boat into the sea
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