Drone filming in the heart of the stadiums in Provence, for Méditerranée Environnement

Drone Inspire 2 at the Jouvenne stadium in Marseille for aerial video shots © Drone-Pictures



The Var-based company Méditerranée Environnement has assigned us since early June to film with a drone a selection of their many achievements in stadiums.

This is part of a series of films intended to show its know-how and customer references.

Thus, we have flown over a dozen stadiums spread over the following municipalities: Marseille, Miramas, Montpellier and Puy-Sainte-Réparade.

The films will be delivered at the beginning of September and will be screened at the inauguration of the company’s new premises in Ollioules, in mid-September 2021.

  • The technical aerial means used for all these drone missions : an Inspire 2 drone with Zenmuse X5s camera, maneuvered in single and double operator. Pack 3 lenses from 15 to 50mm.

Thank you to Méditerranée Environnement for trusting us.


Aerial view in topshot during the installation of a row of synthetic turf for the soccer stadium of Miramas


Aerial view by drone of the GGL Stadium in Montpellier, before the installation of a new turf © Drone-Pictures



Aerial view by drone at the GGL Stadium in Montpellier, at the very beginning of the installation of some rows of the new turf of the stadium © Drone-Pictures



Vertical aerial view of bags of cork chips being unloaded in Miramas © Drone-Pictures



360 panorama of the new soccer stadium of Miramas © Drone-Pictures


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