Filming in progress for INEO in the Pyrénées-Orientales

Drone Dji Inspire 2 in flight on the site of the agency INEO in Perpignan (66)


In early March 2023, we conducted the first phase of filming both by drones and on ground as part of the production of a corporate film that we produce for the INEO / EQUANS agency based in Perpignan.

Aerial VR360 spherical image of the Inéo agency in Perpignan, captured by the Inspire 2 drone equipped with the Insta360 One RS camera


The final video ordered by our client, will briefly present the Inéo agency in Perpignan, but will mainly relate a titanic site of removal and installation of a high-voltage line in the middle of the Pyrenees mountains. This line, renovated over a distance of about ten kilometers, will serve several villages in the valley, near Saint-Marsal (66).
The construction site will last 3 months, between March and May 2023, in the middle of nature.

Drone view of the power line to be renovated in the heart of the Pyrenees, with the spider shovel at work
The first shooting consisted in following the teams working in the agency in Perpignan as well as those working in the mountains, in the field, with as a highlight the interview on site of the director of the agency and the spectacular work of a spider shovel able to evolve on important slopes, as it is necessarily the case in the mountains.
Spider excavator waiting in front of a hole destined to receive the new electric pylon (ground view)

For Drone-Pictures, the next shooting, will be at the beginning of April for the spectacular and high-flying phase: the heli-lifting of electric pylons in the mountains, which we will film with several cameras and of course by drone.


Equipment used :
Drone Inspire 2 + X5S camera and VR360 One RS 1inch Edition Insta360 camera
Drone Mavic 3
Gopro11 on the ground
Sony FX3 camera (ground and interviews)


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While waiting for the editing, here are some aerial and ground images already made on sites. To be continued…

Spider excavator digging a hole for the new electricity pylon (drone view)


INEO team and our cameraman with his Sony FX3 climbing a steep hill – Saint-Marsal (66) © Drone-Pictures Marseille


INEO team at the foot of a high voltage line, bottom of the village of Saint-Marsal (66) seen by Drone-Pictures Marseille


Aerial view by drone of the Village of Saint-Marsal (66) in the Pyrenees in winter, seen by Drone-Pictures Marseille


INEO team in the middle of a site meeting around a plan – © Drone-Pictures Marseille

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