Photographs of the Marseille seafront by drone for ENFL, Switzerland

Drone Photography of Marseille’s seafront!


We have taken exhaustive drone photos of the 12 kilometers of Marseille’s seafront, from the Pharo to the Madrague de Montredon! (extract below)


The challenge here is to photograph Marseille from the sea in a linear way, while the coast is quite indented.

The most practical option that we have retained in view of the regulatory limits on land in urban areas: to take off the drone from a boat and follow the coast at a distance of about 200 meters, while following the drone by boat without leaving its sight (visual flight mandatory).


Unexpected difficulty!
In this spring season, the Gabian females (the goeland of Marseille 😉 are particularly aggressive and we often had to land the drone on the boat to avoid the drama with these birds which take the drone for a predator! What to add to the latent stress of the pilot!


Map of Marseille showing the route and the angles expected by the customer


Idea of the final rendering that the architecture students made from our images of the prado beaches – Marseille, France
Checking images on a macbook computer between two flights before leaving for next segment.
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